How we talk about movies

At dinner, Sunday night.

#3: Hey, have you ever seen a movie about a giant asteroid that’s going to hit the earth so like five people go on it to dismantle it?

Me: They go to dismantle a rock?

#3: No, I mean, um, like blow it up or something?

Me: While they’re standing on it?

#3: So that it doesn’t destroy the earth.

#2: You mean detonate?

#3: Whatever. I can’t think of the name of the movie. It starts with an a.

Me, #2, #4 and #5, in unison: Asteroid?

#3: No! It sounds kind of like armadillo, but it’s not.

Me: Oh. Armageddon.

#3: That’s it!

Me: No. I’ve never seen it.

#3: Oh.

#4: I just drooled on myself.


11 thoughts on “How we talk about movies

  1. “It sounds kind of like armadillo” – I LOVE that #3 could think of that, but not the name of the movie. That is fantastic! (And it definitely sounds like something I would say.)

  2. Tell 4 not to feel bad. I don’t that all the time. Only not when talking about Armageddon. Usually it has to be a movie with Christian Bale in it.

    I saw that you met Jules! Awesome!

  3. The plot of Armageddon is about as slow and as interesting as an armadillo. I can see the confusion. πŸ™‚ We do the same thing around our house, but our films are much older. People like Errol Flynn, Gig Young, or Danny Kaye are typically involved.

  4. Can I have the armadillo instead of the asteroid? Or Armageddon.

    Do you write these down at the time or record them? Lawd, I can’t remember a conversation 5 minutes after it happened! πŸ˜†

    We are still working out that “bogs” and “bugs” actually sound different. Accents are a battle!

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