Photo Caption Contest

I wrote before about the puggles’ Pentapus.

We replaced it with a whole new Octopus, and in a short while, it too has become a Pentapus. One of its severed tentacles is floating around the house just like before. Apparently, this is the natural state of things.

In honor of the MegaPuggles’ triumph over the Giant Octopus, I have a special treat.

This picture needs a caption:

That’s one of those stuffingless foxes underneath the evil brown one. They love those too, but nothing really compares to being able to rip the innards out of your prey.

To see the innards ripped out of domesticated dog prey, check out this post by Kimberliah. It’s funny.

By the way, that scratched-up dilapidated piece of furniture they’re on used to be the pretty red leather ottoman that folds out into a cot that I bought when I was single and living alone in my awesome apartment in Hoboken. The cot part was functional, but not too comfortable. The ottoman was my favorite place to sit though. It was soft, the leather was smooth and beautiful. It was where I used to sit to meditate.


Okay, back to the contest. I am offering a fabulous prize to the winner: your very own (used once) DVD copy of Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus. Can you believe it? Wow! This is. . . some movie.

Leave your captions in the comments section below. Contest is open through midnight EST, July 7, 2011 and I’ll pick a winner and announce Friday, July 8.


31 thoughts on “Photo Caption Contest

  1. Caption, schmaption. Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus? Did you do sound for it and get a comped copy? I mean, no-one would actually by that, would they?

    1. HA! No, a friend of mine worked on it and purely from watching the trailer I decided to support its immense god-awfulness and pay actual money for a copy to give to my husband for his birthday last year. I asked him if he minded if I gave it away today before I posted and he said, “I think watching that movie once is plenty.” C’mon, gimme a caption. Just think of the regifting options!

  2. Actually, it is the thing that looks like a BOB that bothers me about this picture………….. but as this is a family rated page, I can’t work that into a caption, sadly. 😀


    “What you mean, we’re too young? Dogs are NEVER too young!”

  3. The picture was posted in the office and here’s what everyone backstage wrote:
    “Tastes like chicken!”
    “Haters gonna hate”
    “Officer, honestly, I never touched her”
    “Two hot single female puggles looking for big hot daddy doberman for good times”
    “No. I don’t buy it. This is NOT doggy style.”
    “Hey you! You got a rubber I can borrow?”

    If one of these captions wins, we will be sure to track down the author.

  4. Here are some more comments that people left on my personal FB page and also sent to me via text. They’re not technically eligible (I know they must be devastated at missing out on Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus), but I thought I’d throw them down here:
    “She made me do this I swear!” “Yeah I did now SCRAM!”
    “SHE’S HOW OLD??”
    “Honestly, Mom, we weren’t playing veterinarian!”
    “Honey. . .it’s not what it looks like!”
    “No listen, she ate the battery cover from the remote control! Do you SEE it? I think I see it!”
    “Yet another woman yielding to my commands.”

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