MegaPuggle VS. Giant Octopus

Behold, Giant Octopus:

Behold, Giant Octopus with his tasty, squeaky heart ripped out.

(Yes, those are my unmentionables drying on the lamp. I was going to edit them out until I remembered that I don’t have or know Photoshop, at which point I ate a cookie.)

He is also missing some legs.


I have no idea how this happened, but I suspect MegaPuggle.

Who thinks that the only thing better than taking down Giant Octopus is the severed leg that turned sad, heart-free Hexapus into sadder, still-heart-free-with-a-giant-hole-in-its-head Pentapus.

Mmmmm. Severed tentacle.

In case you missed it, you should check out this movie. Debra “don’t-call-me-Debbie-when-referring-to-my-acting ” Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas in the same movie. My friend Jeff actually got paid to work on this. Or else someone he knew got paid to work on it in the studio next to him while he was working on Borat. No, that was before. I can’t remember. I’d ask him but he’s expecting his first child any second. Unless you hate babies, check out this trailer. I promise it’s worth it.


25 thoughts on “MegaPuggle VS. Giant Octopus

  1. ha ha ha, i am afraid to buy any dog toys i think are cute because then i get sad when they are immediately eviscerated and dismembered! poor pentapus!

  2. Our backyard is littered with stuffed animal parts… arms, legs, heads, stuffing.. it looks like we had a toy serial killer for a visit. 🙂

  3. I thought they gave up making movies like that after Ed Wood died.
    Ridiculously, preposterously hilarious!
    1/8th of an egg out of 10, and that’s being nice.
    Mother Hen

  4. That movie trailer is a joke, right? Wow, that is the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen. I used to love me some Debbie, er Deb-orah, Gibson.

  5. Thank you very much for the shoutout, Momfog! Somebody took you up on the suggestion since my dashboard showed a hit from here! You are the best and accidental stepmom has an awesome blog! (I’m leaving another comment elsewhere just for her)

  6. Crush (MiniPugAtron) likes to get to the creamy center of his toys (i.e. the stuffing). It’s often brutal. It does look like the Land of Misfit Toys here sometimes.

    And when did you start wearing underwear ?!? 🙂

    1. I would dearly love to get crush together with the puggle and the fuggle. It would be a loud, good time. And I’ve always worn underwear; it was bras that I didn’t used to wear. Sheesh.

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