Caption Contest Winner

Yeah, I know I said I’d post this on Friday. Life happened. It always does. Sunday is the new Friday anyway, haven’t you heard?

Anyway. A little over a week ago I asked you lovely folks to suggest your best caption for this picture:

I further sweetened the deal with the promise of your very own only slightly used DVD copy of Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus, that incredible direct-to-DVD release starring Deborah “don’t call me Debbie when I’m acting” Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas. Yes, in the same movie!

I had a tough time picking a winner. But I did pick one, because I feel such a tremendous sense of obligation to pass this movie on.

Black Hole Under My Couch, for the first half of your comment (can I do that? I just did):

Casey: “Yeah, Yeah, of course I’m eighteen. . . *whispers* in dog years!”

Yeah Yeah, of course I'm eighteen. . .*whispers* in dog years!

Carl, I realize this sets me up for another round of your therapy bills for not picking your caption. If you have to call me down to FLA for Confrontation Day, can it be after the humidity dies down a little?

Here are some of the one I loved that didn’t win:

Grossly Pulchritudinous: It’s certainly no Pentapus, but I think we can make this work.

The Bad Hat Harry: Why don’t you put the camera down and join in? Leave it rolling.

Someone at my work on the dry erase board: Tastes like chicken!

Thanks to everyone who participated! You guys made me laugh.

Black Hole Under My Couch, drop me an email accidentalstepmom (at) g mail (dot) com and I will get your DVD out to you. If you actually watch the entire movie and review it, I’ll post it.

It’s the least I could do.

In an unrelated note, the Pentapus is now down to three legs, but we find the name sticking. Tri-pus does not have the same ring. However, if they manage to get the three remaining legs off I’m going to call it Tabletop Pentapus.

In closing, let’s talk about bad movies.  Do you have a favorite? One of those movies that has no redeeming features whatsoever but you still can’t drag yourself away from it? Mine is Amazon Women on the Moon. It was supposed to be a spoof on bad movies but kind of turned out being one itself. I love that movie. What’s your favorite bad movie?


18 thoughts on “Caption Contest Winner

  1. “The Bat People”. I’ve seen it twice. It’s so silly you can’t stop watching. When the man turns into a bat person, he looks more like a gorilla. And, the ending is great.

  2. Haha – I was also thinking about Tremors, but then I thought, that movie isn’t sooo bad.

    I’d say my favorite is Night of the Comet. I even saw it at the theater (I was about 14). It was fun.

  3. I can’t say it was my favorite, but the worst movie i ever saw was Anaconda, featuring (because starring seems such a flattering word) Jennifer Lopez, John Voight, Owen Wilson, Ice Cube, and Eric Stolz, all of whom surely have cut this ridiculous piece of trash from their resumes by now. Well, maybe not JLo.

    1. Oh, now see I’ll watch that shitty movie over and over again just to spend some time with Eric Stolz. I admit not his most flattering look to date, but that man friggen makes me melt. What is it with me and red-heads with blue eyes? Now you know what keeps me attached to Mr. Fun-Hater. He’s got red hair…everywhere!! Ha..ha..
      Oh yeah…we were talking about movies. Right! S..o..r..r..y

  4. Okay, you didn’t say B-rated, so I’ll just go with what others may joke with me about as far as ‘cheesy’ goes. I fell in love with the movie “Little Darlings” that has Kristy McNichol and Tatum O’Neal in it. I think I was 17 when it came out at the theaters. I still love it to this day. The reason? My boyfriend at the time–who eventually became my first husband–bore a striking resemblance to the Matt Dillon character in looks and mannerisms. And although I didn’t look like Kristy McNichol cause I’m a blonde, I had the personality of her character ‘Angel’ down pat. The two of them in the movie remind me of my first husband and I, and how wonderful it felt to be in love…for like FIVE MINUTES!

  5. I totally agree with anaconda. it may have knocked off “congo” as worst gang exploration movie into someplace we shouldn’t be film. But then there is WaterWorld… and Castaway….. and….

    1. Oh no, not Castaway!!! How can you not love Wilson? If there was a best anthropomorphic actor Oscar, Wilson would have totally gotten it.
      I did think of a movie in the horribly awesome category though: Bambi Meets Godzilla. If you haven’t seen it, you are totally missing something!


  6. I object! You didn’t even bother to come up to the office and see what we came up with. After all the hours we worked on this you should be ashamed of yourself. I do believe only cheesy biscuits for the matinee tomorrow will get you out of the dog house.

      1. You should have come into the office looked and posted. We were trying to help you out.

        You and your marzipan crack are mean.

  7. I know this is going to be controversial around these parts but I watched ‘Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park’ last week and it falls into the ‘One of those movies that has no redeeming features whatsoever but you still can’t drag yourself away from it’ category. No redeeming features may be a little harsh but……..

    1. Are you kidding? That movie totally qualifies! It’s the very definition of a train wreck. How did you come to see it just last week- did it just get released in the UK? 🙂

      1. Downloads darhling.
        According to Wikipedia it is currently only available on Kissology Volume Two: 1978–1991, I love the fact that for years nobody in the Kiss organisation was allowed even to mention it.
        Has No.3 seen it?

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