One Birthday Sunday. Or is that Sundae?

It’s my frickin’ birthday! (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)

My train was delayed getting out of the city last night. The rule is that if your train is delayed, you get Häagen-Dazs coffee ice cream so I don’t really mind too much when it happens. What? Of course that’s a rule I made up, what are you, new?

I got home after midnight so it was technically my birthday. Add to that the incomprehensible segue to Daylight Saving time and it was like my birthday was running in hyper-drive to meet me!

I had this lovely assortment of cards to open when I got home:


I took Misty’s Laws advice to heart and made sure I had lots of water with me at the Bikram class #1 took me to at 0-dark-thirty this morning.

The kids sang me a truly horrible rendition of Happy Birthday that the puggles joined in. One of these days I’m gonna get that on tape. Or else one of these days the cops are going to come back and give us a ticket instead of just a warning.

Then we had cake for breakfast.

Did you know you can get a bunch of free crap on your birthday just because it’s your birthday if you sign up with everybody’s rewards programs? I totally milked that. Perfume, mascara, and chocolate- what more could a girl want?

The kids cleaned the house up. I was thrilled to also get a $5 starbucks gift card that #4 bought with her own money, and a beautiful blue scarf that #5 knit all by himself in Knitting Club (which pretty much every kid in the 5th grade belongs to, including the boys. I love his teacher).


I even made a new vegetarian black bean chili recipe that I halfway made up and everybody ate it. WOW!

I love birthdays. I wrote this post last year about the things that rock about turning 40, and it all still holds true.

So keeping in the spirit of everything being all about MEEEEEE today, here are MY links.

My favorite, laugh-out-loud picture of little boys doing dishes: No Shirt? No Shoes? No Pants? No Problem! on Nurking Moms.

Howling. This is awesome. Also, people, this is why you should register ALL your domain names. EARLY. Guy Fieri didn’t quite get that done and now there’s

This one I’m putting in because I loved it and I know it will make my mom cry: Boomer Grandparenting: Able to Leap Tall Continents in a Single Bound

Here’s another one that cracked me up: a little fabulous cartoon about a wedding entrance fail on Happy or Hungry.

Last today is an organization dedicated to helping struggling volunteer fire companies raise money to carry out their services. Via Beer. From a vintage fire truck named Betty Lou.

Happy Sunday.


20 thoughts on “One Birthday Sunday. Or is that Sundae?


    I’m so glad you got the card on time. I figured it wouldn’t get there until tomorrow. Yay me!! Oh, wait . . . I guess today is about you, huh? Oops.

    Sounds like you had a fab day. Enjoy!

  2. Happy Birthday to YOU!!! Like I said before, I love your family & love reading about your kiddies. #5 holds a special place in my heart after the scary Valentine card exchange, and now that he’s knitting?? Sheesh — too cute!

    1. Thanks! I am so sad that he’s starting to grow. I mean, I know it’s way better than the alternative, but very soon he’s not going to be my little guy anymore.

  3. Happy Birthday (one day late)! Cake for breakfast is the best. Gotta love those birthday freebies. I just got that same birthday gift from Sephora last month and randomly ran across it this morning. I had forgotten all about it. Just in time too because I’m out of mascara! Here’s to a great year 🙂

  4. Sounds like a great birthday! I especially like this cake-for-breakfast idea. I’ve never done that. Will you be having pie for breakfast tomorrow?

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