#5 Learns Why He Shouldn’t Open Other People’s Mail

Because we work nights, we usually get home after the kids go to sleep. They leave us notes: tests that need to be signed, permission slips, requests for money, and random thoughts are all written out and laid on the dining room table.

Also, anything that arrives in our absence and is addressed “to the parents of…” is immediately opened, read,  and taped shut again. Or hidden in their bedroom in a futile attempt to avoid the inevitable, since our schools always send an email alert saying what we should have received.

This is what we came home to last night:

DSCF7095 DSCF7096


Sometimes it’s better not to know, isn’t it? At least he didn’t hide the letter.

I usually don’t snoop because it always ends in regret. One year my sister found our Christmas presents and showed them to me. I felt so guilty about it. Christmas morning came and I felt like I had betrayed my parents as I kept saying “Just what I always wanted!” after I opened each non-surprise. Since I can’t remember if we ever actually told this story to our parents or not, this seems like a good place to end this post.



Did you ever find anything that made you regret snooping?



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21 thoughts on “#5 Learns Why He Shouldn’t Open Other People’s Mail

  1. ha ha Oh #5 is so good. I can’t believe he didn’t hide that. Maybe he can have a post-vaccines BLT or something?

    And oh-hoh yes. I’ve read emails I shouldn’t have read. That’s all I’m at libery to say. I don’t do that anymore.

  2. I guess once he saw he wasn’t in trouble, he was okay with telling you he needed to be stabbed with needles.

    I rarely snoop. If I do, it’s for damned good reason. And no, I’ve never regretted it. I’ve just learned I have to think through what happens next so I don’t find something and then go, “Ummm… right. Now what do I do?”

  3. I hate seeing things I’m not supposed to see. It just never makes me glad. Especially reading about a book or movie, and I’m curious what people had to say and then Oops! Now I know how it ends…

  4. Ok, here’s the story . . .

    My husband planned a surpise trip for us to go away. He was going to propose. I knew about the proposal (or strongly suspected), but not where we were going. At one point prior to the trip, I asked him if we had a certain event coming up. He told me to look in his planner to see if there were tickets in there. When I looked, I happened to see LEAVE FOR ORLANDO on the date we were going away. I wasn’t snooping, I went at his bequest. And I felt awful for seeing it and ruining the surprise, so I didn’t say anything. Thus follows my packing for Florida in August. The hubs kept warning me that I might want to pack some warm clothes for the trip, but figuring he was just trying to throw me off and that he didn’t know that I knew, I ignored him. Cut to us driving to the airport and he asks if I know where we are going. When I tell him yes, I am so sorry, I saw it in your planner . . . he laughed and said, “nope.” Thus followed his story of planting false clues all over (he also had put web sites re: Orlando in the favorites of our computer and had pamphlets strewn about which I never saw because I WASN’T SNOOPING). He then tells me we are going to San Francisco. Where it is 50 degrees in August. Every picture of me that weekend is in this one old ratty sweatshirt, which is the only thing I brought besides shorts and T-shirts. Thanks, hubs! He’s lucky I said yes. Tricky bastard.

      1. 50 degrees in San Francisco is misleading. Maybe the breeze, maybe the buildings, I dunno. It’s weird. I worked there one entire summer and never got warm (and I’m from the midwest). But then I also spent most of my time dodging the homeless and everyone in line at the methadone clinic across from the theater, who alternately would try to pee on me or get my money. They were probably less bothered by the temperature.

  5. I once went snooping at christmas presents when I was little too and found them but the first one I snooped at was the last as I felt really guilty because it actually was something I had wanted for sooooo long. Never snooped again! Told the parents about it last year though hahaha it went down ok but only jn the kind of way which means it was years too late for them not to find it funny.

    1. We seem to be cut from the same cloth. I had friends when I was a kid who looked for and found their presents every year and weren’t bothered by it at all.

      1. One girl I’ve been friends with since forever told me about this one time she woke up on Christmas morning and took it upon herself to go downstairs – without waking her parents – and open all of her presents. She said she got the absolute worst telling off ever, and she didn’t do it again after that … Sleepwalking maybe?

  6. Awww … my older sister always tried to show me our presents. I LOVE surprises, and I’d cry until she left me alone! Plus I didn’t want to disappoint my parents! She’d open her gifts under the tree, and wrap them back up. I felt guilty on her behalf! Of course, she always won the Easter egg hunt cuz she’d peek in the backyard to find all the eggs before my parents got up. 🙂

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