One and Done Sunday: Apocalypse Edition

Hey. It’s One & Done Sunday. One picture, and five links that are worth your time.

Friday night, only #4 and I were home for dinner. I still cooked for an army, because everyone shows up eventually– plus#4 is our only kid who eats, and she ate about half of what I made anyway (not coincidentally, she’s the only one who is strong and tall). After dinner, I took the puggles for a walk and when I came back, something was wrong. I couldn’t immediately put my finger on it, but I knew something was off, and it wasn’t just that the house was nearly empty and nobody was screaming.

My sense of unease had me on guard, checking around corners and under the furniture until I came to the kitchen.

Then I saw it. The source of my feelings of not-rightness.

#4 had cleaned up the whole kitchen while we were out, without being asked.

While it seems likely that she has either done something or wants something, it’s been over 48 hours and I have no evidence to support this. I can only assume that this, then, is the first sign of the apocalypse.


One Picture.

If Jack had a school picture, this would be it:




Five Links:

This most definitely does not get a PG rating, and I laughed my ass off for pretty much this whole video. Don’t Shoot the Mermaid is a British female sketch comedy trio, and this is their video Does This Mean We’re Gonna Have Sex?

My show performed in Bryant Park this week with a few others as part of the summer lunch series there.  There was only one act with a live band, and some of the most interesting sounds were rolling off the back of the stage. When I asked our publicity manager who they were, she sent me this link for what has to be the strangest idea ever for a musical. I’m totally on fire to see it now: Revolution in the Elbow of Ragnar Agnarsson Furniture Painter.

Another act got my attention shortly thereafter when two of their shirtless performers were waiting for their entrances in the wings. Theater isn’t like a normal workplace environment; being shirtless happens. Frequently. However, when all of the other actors are standing around saying “Holy crap! Did you see these guys?” they truly are a marvel. Forget 6-pack abs; think 8-pack. They were from the 50 Shades parody, which made me think immediately (after I was capable of cognizant thought again) of your next link: Dave Barry Learns Everything You Need to Know About Being a Husband From Reading 50 Shades of Grey.

Slug Solos on Tumblr. Because some guitarists’ solo faces look like they’ve just realized they’re holding giant slug creatures.

The last link is another video: Motherhood by Annie Baria on Funny Or Die. I missed the whole baby phase of things and it was never on my to-do list, namely because I imagined it being exactly like this video. Except not that funny. It’s a good thing I also knew nothing about teenagers back then.

Happy Sunday.






One Squirrel Sunday

Hey. It’s One and Done Sunday. One picture, and five links that are worth your time.

Here’s a shot I got of the Puggles sharing a sunbeam.



It has nothing to do with any of the links; I just think they’re cute.

Easter confounds me. It’s never been a strong holiday in our thrown-together family and for some reason, it’s up to me to make it happen. I’m 0 for 7 so far on Easter. I blame the Easter Bunny. Specifically, I blame the Easter Bunny in my latest post over on Family Circle’s Momster Blog: Holiday Tradtions in Blended Families: Easter Edition.

You guys! I got a dead squirrel sculpture named after me! Kimberly Witham, an artist who makes these awesome Martha-Stewart-esque scenes with roadkill, does the most fasicinating condensed taxidermy video I’ve ever seen. Of a squirrel named Randolph. Now in Technicolor on Roadside Resurrections.

Hey Moms (also Dads, sisters, brothers, step parents, grandparents, babysitters, etc). Have you had to go buy a girl her first bra yet? Have you discovered that pretty much the only things available are completely age-inappropriate pushup bras that don’t fit her right anyway? Megan Grassel, a teenager, had that experience last year when she took her kid sister to buy her first bra. Then Megan did something about it. She Kickstarted a company called Yellowberry. Here’s a writeup about them on Lingerie Talk. I was thrilled to find that they’re completely sold out on their website right now. Thank you, Megan! This so needed to happen.

Be Fed Again is great blog detailing the restoration projects of an old farmhouse that some friends of mine live in. Brooke also includes some recipes that are pretty great. This entry is about a simple way she refurbished the kids’ bathroom, for about $70. I’m actually considering this project because it doesn’t seem like too much more work than repeatedly shutting the door to that bathroom and denying its existence. Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes on Be Fed Again.

Do you know Audra Mae? I just got turned on to her second album, Audra Mae and the Almighty Sound. Click here to preview it on iTunes.

Happy Sunday.



Hope You Got Your Shots.

A rumble started in our neighborhood last week. A three-way rumble, amongst the people who still have their Halloween decorations up, those who already put their Christmas decorations up, and those people who take their holidays one at a time.


In New Jersey, nothing says gratitude like a giant inflatable turkey. Sadly, no one house had all three sets of decorations up, and the giant inflatable yard menorah was noticeably absent this year.

If you’re traveling for any of the upcoming holidays, my post over at Family Circle may make you feel better. Just make sure everyone’s had their shots.

Drew Gehling, who plays Bob Gaudio in Jersey Boys Broadway is doing a weekly vlog about what really happens backstage in New York. My favorite part of this one is Miles Aubrey’s opening magic trick. You think you know someone… I had no idea he could do that to a quarter. You can see me in this episode too, passionately talking with my hands and out of the side of my mouth about comb filtering. Also, some handsome actors take their shirts off.

Actors are fun at parties. Ballet dancers are interesting in everyday situations.

For more wildlife-based eye candy, here’s a short collection of some of the best shots you’ll ever see, on

The last link today is a great story about how the best moments in life are rarely planned out. Poor Timing, Beautiful Surprises by Ariana Gruver.

Happy Thanksgiving.