Pi Day Pie Winner!

Boy am I packed full of pie.

Virtual pie, that is. Virtual Pi Day pie!

You guys didn’t make it easy, which is what I like about you.

If you’re here and you don’t know what Pi Day is, I’m not sure how you manage to leave the house in the morning because it’s one of the only reasons people come here. Go to the blog Learn More Every Day. It’s like two aspirin for your ignorance. (I’m going there a lot myself, but not for Pi Day).

Honorable Mentions:

To Relatively Awesome for the awesome revelation that you canย put cheese right into the crust! Who knew? Greg made an apple pie with gruyere crust and I want to eat it so bad! I can’t believe I never thought of it.

To Rick Miller, for this:


Another Honorable Mention goes to Sarah Lynn’s Sweets for the Pi cake she made for her Brother-in-Law, check it out:

I love this so much.

And now for the winner.

Wait, did you know that there is such a thing as cherry Three Musketeers? I found this out from ThoughtsAppear, because that’s what she made her Pi out of.

And now for the winner.











Umm… how did that get in here?

And now for the winner:

Rachel’s Table: Venison Shepard’s Pie with Thyme Pi.

Because I totally wasn’t expecting that. And also because I believe the best place for deer is in a pie.


Rachel, your unique use of thyme and your most appropriate use of venison has earned you PooPourri!

I must report that I was really torn between the above Rachel’s Pie and GoJulesGo’s Chocolate Chip Pie with Chocolate Bacon Pi.

Really. Torn. Because Chocolate Bacon.

So Jules will be receiving a consolation prize that may or may not contain a trophy.

Thanks for celebrating Pi Day with me. What should we do for Star Wars Day?


13 thoughts on “Pi Day Pie Winner!

  1. Congrats to Rachel! And to all the other pi pies, really well done. Being from Maine, you’d think I’d have had venison pie, but I prefer to just look at it in a picture.

  2. This is soooooooo cool. And I’m not just saying that because of the trophy potential (but, SQUEE!). Rache, Rache, Rache. You are a goddess. Why am I not eating that right now?

    JM, this contest was AWESOME! Thank you for spreading the pi pie love, and giving me an excuse to cover bacon with chocolate.

  3. Bacon. Chocolate. Pi. Pie!? And she didn’t win?! I think we should launch an investigation!
    Great story and kudos to all the bakers! It’s already too hot in Phoenix to bake.

  4. I am HONORED to be the winner of this esteemed contest! I can’t believe venison beat out chocolate bacon, though. Or a calculator pi cake.

    Thanks, JM! I feel smarter and better at math now!

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