There’s Nothing to Eat!

Along with the recently-issued mandate in our house that the kids make their own school lunches, we’ve also started buying less junk food.

It’s amazing how much damage junk food has caused to their eyesight. They look in the pantry and can’t see that there is any food left.

One kid, who shall remain unnumbered, attempted to offer helpful suggestions to all the other kids who couldn’t see any food for lunch snacks. A different kid, who shall also remain unnumbered, said “This is gross! There’s nothing to eat in this house!” and went to her cave room and slammed the door, it is rumored.

Three remaining kids banded together and made snacks for lunch, which just thrilled my heart to no end.

In the pantry were an unopened package of graham crackers and six unopened boxes of table water cracker of varying flavors. In the fridge were grapes, baby carrots, a pear, apples, an orange, cheese and eggs. We had bananas, peanut butter, celery, jello and dried and canned fruit. There was bacon. Not that it all counts as health food, but they couldn’t see any of that because of the junk food disease.


So they made Cinnamon Toast Crunch muffins from a mix that one of them got for Christmas, and popcorn.

#4 made the muffins. She thought they seemed a little plain and never voluntarily eats anything without added sugar, so she gave them Christmas sprinkles. Then she found the packet of Cinnamon Toast Crunch crumble in the box. So she put that on too.

There’s always something to eat here. You just need to know where to look.


12 thoughts on “There’s Nothing to Eat!

  1. Oh, I love this — my daughter (who is 21 and really should have outgrown this sugar fixation) routinely looks in the (full) refrigerator and say — “We have nothing to eat in this stupid healthy house!” And I just grin. Keep the faith & the junk-food-free pantry, JM!!

    1. They all know that the real reason I don’t buy Oreos and crunchy Chips Ahoy is because I will eat the hell out of Every. Last. Cookie. This is also why I can’t buy chips.

  2. LOL. Hilarious!
    They may eventually SEE everything else.
    My parents had the opposite problem with my brother and me. Sometimes they’d go in the fridge and find only the celery stalk because we’d eaten all the celery. With NO dip. Special, I tell ya. Our cousin still laugh at us. We snack on broccoli like potato chips.

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