One & Done Sunday #26

Hey. It’s One & Done Sunday.

I started writing this post this morning but didn’t get it finished. The dogs were out of food, #5 had batting practice, I went to yoga, #4 had batting practice, I made dinner, I called my mother, I forced the kids to do chores. We had a very pleasant visit with kid #1A who is returning to college tomorrow. All of this is to tell you that everything is pretty much the same here in spite of my absence.

See below:


Jack is status quo.

#5 informed me the other day that he’s going to be graduating in 2020. It doesn’t seem possible to me that he will ever be that old, let alone that it’s in seven years. He said he hopes he gets 20 pounds of bacon for his graduation gift. Since I have a source, I think we’re getting off easy. That’s way cheaper than a laptop.

The last time I made bacon for him, he held a piece up in the air and said, “I guess Charlotte couldn’t save Wilbur this time!”

This from a kid who set his alarm for 6:30 am on the weekends. When his sisters asked him why he gets up earlier on the weekends than he does for school days, he replied, “So I can play video games. Who wants to get up early when you’re not allowed to play video games?”

There’s a new post for Tuesday. I’ve blogged ahead, taking advice from Thoughtsy. I hope you come back.

Here are your links.

The Amazon banana slicer review was making its way around Facebook recently. CC hipped me to the fact that this is a trend, people posting ridiculously funny reviews for everyday items. Here’s a link to some of the funniest Amazon reviews.

Hey. How come nobody gets crabs anymore? Endangered Species a Victim of Brazilian Deforestation- Steve Maley.

The best part about this video is that Roundabout Theater Company actually threw down some cash for it. This is a well-produced piece of work. That, plus you get to see Chita Rivera chugging a bottle of champagne. The cast of Edwin Drood in actor Andy Karl’s rap about why bustles are hawt. Bustle Fluffah.

Infections Diseases of 20th Century Musicians. (thanks, Death Row for the link).

I love semi-colons; they thrill me almost as much as hot sauce does. Interview With a Semi-colon.

Happy Sunday.


8 thoughts on “One & Done Sunday #26

  1. Lovely post , very funny, must be a whole lot scarier when the kids are growing up and making plans, but seriously 6.30 am on a weekend that’s crazeee 🙂 as long as he doesn’t make you get up too xx
    Great Blog
    Victoria xx

  2. Great to read something from you, JM.

    And I like #5’s thinking. As Cousin Eddie would say, 20 lbs of bacon is the gift that keeps on giving the whole year. Or at least a week or so.

    1. Great to see you stop by! We did once get 15 pounds of bacon at once, thinking we were saving because we bought in bulk. We just ended up having bacon with everything and it lasted about eight days.

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