Just this.

I was in a yoga class this week and the teacher said something that stuck with me:

We come into this room to learn how to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

Probably makes more sense if you know that it was a hot yoga class, but I think it applies to most yoga, and many other things as well. All of those things that we do to try to be better . . . “us’s” when the easy way out just won’t cut it.

Yeah, that punctuation is intentional.

Here are some more pictures from a cemetery trek with Team Puggle. Enjoy.

16 thoughts on “Just this.

  1. You are trying to lull us into a false sense of security with this quote and these beautiful pictures. Hot yoga would only bring me tears. And possibly puke.


    1. Like that whole TRX thing, no? I have someone trying to convince me to try that. “Oh you’d be great at it!” “But I have no upper body strength. And no coordination.”

  2. I love your One Thing .. and I especially love how much you love walking in the cemetery! I have always adored cemeteries — it’s like uncovering story after story that leave you aching to find out what really happened! As for my hot yoga eye-opener — I’ve found this year of travel for me is definitely testing how comfortable I can get with discomfort. I’ve also realized that most discomfort is quite temporary and as such, no big deal … and that the best places to be generally involve having to suffer a little to get there. LOVE your blog, JM!

  3. I seem to have issues with being uncomfortable in situations that should be comforting… Is there a yoga for that? 😉

  4. Also appreciate that yoga sentence. It has relevance for me right now. I guess that’s the thing about yoga, right? It’s always in the now. It always makes sense. At the end of the month, I have a rather awesome yoga giveaway. So for all your yoga friends (and you) keep an eye out. 😉

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