Just this.

I was in a yoga class this week and the teacher said something that stuck with me:

We come into this room to learn how to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

Probably makes more sense if you know that it was a hot yoga class, but I think it applies to most yoga, and many other things as well. All of those things that we do to try to be better . . . “us’s” when the easy way out just won’t cut it.

Yeah, that punctuation is intentional.

Here are some more pictures from a cemetery trek with Team Puggle. Enjoy.


16 thoughts on “Just this.

  1. You are trying to lull us into a false sense of security with this quote and these beautiful pictures. Hot yoga would only bring me tears. And possibly puke.


  2. Hot yoga would make me pass out from anxiety and…well…heat. Silly poses in awkward positions in a sauna. More like torture. (still deliriously minded from sickness)

    1. Like that whole TRX thing, no? I have someone trying to convince me to try that. “Oh you’d be great at it!” “But I have no upper body strength. And no coordination.”

  3. I love your One Thing .. and I especially love how much you love walking in the cemetery! I have always adored cemeteries — it’s like uncovering story after story that leave you aching to find out what really happened! As for my hot yoga eye-opener — I’ve found this year of travel for me is definitely testing how comfortable I can get with discomfort. I’ve also realized that most discomfort is quite temporary and as such, no big deal … and that the best places to be generally involve having to suffer a little to get there. LOVE your blog, JM!

  4. I seem to have issues with being uncomfortable in situations that should be comforting… Is there a yoga for that? 😉

  5. Also appreciate that yoga sentence. It has relevance for me right now. I guess that’s the thing about yoga, right? It’s always in the now. It always makes sense. At the end of the month, I have a rather awesome yoga giveaway. So for all your yoga friends (and you) keep an eye out. 😉

  6. I love that quote/sentence whatever. And SO true about hot yoga.
    Also, those pictures…beautiful.

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