One and Done Sunday #16

My friend Michelle keeps giving me a hard time for not writing my 40th birthday post yet. It was in March and she did some fabulous things for me.

This isn’t it, Michelle. My gift back to you is another week to blow me crap about it.

The kids just got back from Sunday school. #4 brought me a flower:

#5 said: You know what would stink? Becoming a zombie after you had died from losing your head. Because then you couldn’t eat brains

I am unclear as to whether this was part of today’s teaching.

#5 has also developed an obsession with Llamas, and my belly fat. CC is trying to teach him that if he wants girls to like him, he probably shouldn’t smack their stomachs and say, “It jiggles!” but so far the lesson hasn’t penetrated.

The Beatles’ You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away just came up on Pandora. #1 asked: Did this song come out in the 80’s?

Here’s your picture (I know, I cheated; two pics today):

Just a dusty pansy in the cemetery before we got all that rain. I like pansies.

And here are five links that are worth your time:

The best marriage advice I’ve ever read: Lydia Netzer 15 Ways to Stay Married

Three pictures of pit bulls that will make you smile: Sadie and Dasie

A simple way to shop the grocery store when you’re looking to eat healthier: Kate Miller on the Healthy Wage blog.

Peg-o-Leg: she’s funny! Don’t get in her line at the store. The Line Slayer

I totally stole this from Piper Bayard: Epic Rap Battles of History: Shakespeare VS. Dr. Seuss. Also, if you click on the Piper link, there are a couple of awesome coffins.



Happy Sunday.


9 thoughts on “One and Done Sunday #16

  1. I wonder if #5’s Sunday School teacher has been reading The Bloggess’s occasional assertions that Jesus may or may not have been a zombie. Though I’m not comfortable with the transitive property that then suggests Jesus would have gone around eating brains… though there are those who would argue that some religious people have lost their minds… Oh, #5, you’ve led me down a dark road…

  2. Happy Birthday for March. Lovely pics. Our kids also fascinated with jiggly belly fat – what *is* that all about?

  3. Your lovely pansy reminds me that good things may happen as a result of days of unrelenting rain, but jeez, I’m about ready to build an ark – in my basement!

    That Shakespeare vs Dr. Seuss rap video is hysterical. Who thinks up this stuff?
    Thanks for the shout-out!

  4. He pokes your tummy and says, “that jiggles!” If only my son would say things like that. He just says, “Mom’s got a big ass” then he sings a song all about how big my ass is (granted, he says that about my husband too so it’s all good)

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