Ummm. . .

Sometimes the kids will say things that deeply resonate with me:

#5: I really want to climb the walls. Can I climb the walls?

I totally get that. Often, I want to climb the walls. So I let him. I should clarify that by “walls” he means “doorframe”, which has handy grabby bits around the edges, plus leverage, especially when you’re very bendy and lightweight and about four feet tall.  When he comes to me and says this I let him “climb the walls” three times. He usually does two right away and then saves one for later, unless one of his sisters grabs him and pulls him down in the middle of a climb because they want to get into the refrigerator or else just torment him because really, if they wanted to get into the refrigerator they could just go through the other doorway.

If you’re ever at my house and you notice dirty footprints on the top of the doorway into the kitchen, this is why.

Sometimes the kids will say things and it makes me wonder what goes on in their heads:

#5: (explaining his graphing math homework to me, which involved solving a problem and then plotting the answer number and its opposite on a line) I don’t like to think of them as opposites. I prefer to refer to them as evil twins.

Oh yeah, positive, negative. Evil twins would totally make math more interesting. I wish I’d thought of it.

Then sometimes they say things that make me glad I don’t know what goes on in their heads. Or in their private time, behind closed doors.

#5: Do you think dogs’ hands taste better than their feet, like ours do?

Ummm. . .

Zombie Ninja


25 thoughts on “Ummm. . .

  1. hmmm…I’m going to check for good climbing spots in our house, too. this could be extremely useful.

    Daughter has been coming up with some interesting lines lately of the ‘what the heck goes on in your mind?’ variety which lead us to a conversation about the use of ‘non sequitor’ which Son said is basically highbrow speech for ‘RANDOM!’


  2. I love it when they come up with interesting remarks. Diego asked me, “if the dog licks me does that mean she’s tasting me or kissing me?” During our recent cold snap I complained to Olivia that she should not set the the thermostat for 72 degrees, especially when, on a hot summer’s day she likes to put it down to 68 degrees. She replied, “Well 68 degrees indoors on a hot day is the same as 72 degrees indoors on a cold day.” Huh?

  3. Fun post!
    My daughter will ask, “Mom can I walk on the ceiling?”
    Because we have such short ceilings I can lift her upside down and she’ll pretend to walk on the ceiling. And then I’ll ask, “Adara, can you lift me up so I can walk on the ceiling, too?”
    But she can’t.

  4. As soon as you mentioned climbing door frames, I looked to our doors…then thought, “HELL no, that will end in stitches FOR SURE.”
    Everything ends in stitches at our house.

    The evil twins…I’ll have to use that with my own twins during math homework. LOVE it.

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