We got the kids’ school pictures back.

Here is the group shot of the fourth grade class.

Guess which one’s mine.

Yep, that’s his I Heart Bacon T-shirt. In my defense, school pictures were on a Wednesday this year and I’m on a bus for work by 6:20am on Wednesdays. {Bus? Did someone say bus? I’m pretty sure I just threw my husband under it.}

I told CC that if we wanted #5 to wear a decent shirt for school pictures next year, he would have to be the adult here because I already blew it. I couldn’t keep a straight face when I pulled this out of the envelope.

What’s your favorite school picture story?


28 thoughts on “Well.

  1. That is classic. I love it! My son really dresses up for his school pictures. For two years in a row he put on a button-down shirt and tie. He looked like Alex P. Keaton. I’m sure those pictures will come back to haunt him one day.

  2. In kindergarten, I had the Mumps during school Pictures day, so, when I recovered, I got to go to the photographers studio on a little bus, all by myself, for a personal sitting!

    The worst was second grade…I had a bad case of chapped lips, so my lower lip looked like a cartoon mouth,

    Love that the boy loves bacon. Although your pups would probably wear those T-shirts with equal pride.

      1. Does it matter? I always thought that kids should be themselves – think of all the laughs we get out of our old school pictures. They don’t stay in one place for long, why not document it in style?

  3. Too funny! He probably knows it’ll be great for his blog or whatever in 20 years.
    I don’t have any good school picture stories. We wore uniforms anyway. One time, my hair was HORRIBLE. Our school never told us when it was picture day. 😦

    1. That’s completely unfair! My kindergarten picture was horrible. My mom had just surprised me with my one and only short haircut in my entire life AND I got toothpaste on my dress and she wouldn’t let me change it. The dress was a very cute seascape thing, and the toothpaste totally looks like seagull poop.

  4. Ba.D. has a “Bacon is a vegetable” shirt. Looking at this makes me laugh as I imagine him showing up to, say, a work photo shoot in that photo. He’d find a matching one for Li’l D, too.

    The only school picture story I have is the one that involves my high school’s senior yearbook involving exactly 0 photos and 0 reference to me. I wouldn’t have minded so much if I hadn’t forked over eight hours worth of McDonald’s time for it. Gragh.

    1. Bacon is a vegetable! I’m feeling that your whole family needs that shirt, and you should do family portraits in it.

      I’m a McDonald’s survivor too, and so is my sister. My feet hurt just thinking about it.

  5. This makes me (and Oscar Meyer) so proud. Seriously.

    And that t-shirt is SO much better than most of what I wore for picture day in grammar school (picture Paula Poundstone’s wardrobe).

  6. Grade 5 my mother “trimmed” my bangs, and kept trimming to straighten them out…

    as for sending kids, made sure they all had their whitest uniform blouse on, but of course the little one had a nose bleed on the way to school….

  7. They would not let me be in the college frat picture. Sheesh . Just because I was naked down to underwear and had a 5th of vodka in each hand. I mean isn’t that what real fraternities are all about?

  8. My last years of grade school were in the “Disco Sucks” era. One of my classmates wore his “Disco Sucks” t-shirt to photo day. At the photographer’s cue, he looked down at his shirt with a big grin. Unfortunately, the “sucks” portion was covered up by the person’s head in the front row. So all we could see was Steve smiling at his “Disco” t-shirt. Priceless!

  9. I want to high-five him for rocking his bacon shirt on picture day. We let our girls wear whatever they want as long as it’s weather-appropriate and modest. No mini-hoochies in this house. This rule generally translates to ensembles that would make Punky Brewster look tame. The 3 year old likes leggings, skirts, and 4 shirts at the same time. The 7 year old prefers rainbow floral tights, plaid skirts, and multi-colored sparkle shirts. But we always tell the girls, “Be who you are.” As long as who they are is modest. 🙂

    1. Your girls sound like our #4. She’s fond of the layering and the interesting combinations. I so hope she hangs on to that sense of style in middle school. Around here, that’s when they all really start dressing alike. There’s nothing better than a little girl with flair!

  10. My son once arranged with a group of his friends (Grade 4, I think?) that they would all do a psychotic smile JUST subtle enough to get it in under the radar. Some of them were more subtle than others and those less-talented-at-subterfuge young men got in BIG trouble when the hardcopies arrived back. There were five of them, as I recall and it made for a very interesting class photo! Not sure whether to be proud of him for his creativity or mad for his bad influence! 😉

  11. this is HILARIOUS!! i have a fourth-grade photo of my daughter with a big, wonking press-on tattoo on her cute little shoulder … which looks VERY authentic. talk about embarrassing …White Trash Mom!

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