What It Is, or How Simon Discredited My Mother.

I’m a little afraid to post this. My mom might get mad. More than anything, I can’t stand it when my mom is mad at me. No wait, I can’t stand it when she’s disappointed in me more. But mad isn’t good either.

I was seeking the appropriate link to serve as proof of the proper name of the Mystery Utensil when Simon’s comment came through about it being a butter pick. And I was like, yeah, it could be a butter pick. And then I couldn’t find a link to prove what my mom told me it was.

But I totally found a link that says it’s a butter pick. Check it out.

Mom told me it was a pickle server.

Maybe I heard it wrong. Maybe it’s my fault. “Pick” and “pickle” are so very close. Or it could be an intergenerational game of telephone; I believe this was my great-grandma’s. Perhaps through the generations “butter pick” morphed into “pickle server”.

Or, maybe it’s multi-functional. Because I found this link to a very similar item that, while different, is quite clearly labeled as a pickle spear.

While I am convinced that it would work quite nicely as a butter pick, it also is perfect to spear pickles:

Which is how I used it on Memorial Day. Which made me happy. So there.

Meanwhile, I discovered that it is possible to get many other nifty utensils in my silver pattern, including a bacon fork.

Simon, if my mom yells at me, I’m sending her your way.