It All Started Out With Bad Directions

#1 had a doctor’s appointment today and I looked up the directions for her. In my defense, I didn’t do anything to her that I wouldn’t have done to myself. Had it been me driving, the same thing would have happened. Well, up to a point anyway. She got lost, missed her appointment, and it’s my fault. So here are some pictures, a little visual salad of my past week, while I wait for her to find her way home again.

#2’s Choir concert. She’s in the front row on the far right. She was good, and she looked like she was having fun up there (neither one of those really comes through in the picture). I harassed the tech guys (adults) at the booth during intermission and gave them our info in case they need any help. They looked kinda relieved. I’m not quite sure what I’ve gotten myself into.


Casey, listing to starboard on a basket of clean laundry. She gets more sausage-like every day.


Gratuitous Tiny Nephew baby foot picture.



These are shots of the room that #3 & #4 share, before we spent a few hours on it. Believe it or not, this wasn’t that bad. We gathered four baskets of laundry, two bags of trash, and two bags of donations.



Action shots of the puggles unmaking my bed. Casey wraps up like a burrito and Jack jumps on her head and then they bite each other’s faces through the bedspread. Neat.


Picture my sister sent me on my phone. Look familiar? Slightly-Larger Nephew strikes again.


Herbs that CC planted before work. This makes me very happy. We have a bajillion deer and planting in boxes on the deck is the only way to keep plant things from being eaten prematurely by animal things that aren’t us.


And finally, the silver Mystery Utensil my mom gave me for Mother’s Day (I had to have my sister mail it to me because I was flying with only a carry on bag and I was sure it looked weapon-like, considering how bothered they were by my tea canister on the way out). I know what it is only because my mom told me when she gave it to me. This thing was the highlight of my Memorial Day. Anyone here know what it is?

That’s all I got.  Happy Wednesday!


42 thoughts on “It All Started Out With Bad Directions

  1. No idea. An oyster shucker?

    I’m happy to see my kids’ rooms aren’t the only rooms on Earth that look like that. I know when it’s time to do a “big clean” when they start complaining about having no clothes and the laundry basket in their bathroom is empty. It never ceases to amaze me how much clothing they have once the closet, the toybox, and under the bed are cleared out.

  2. it looks like it’s for scooping… some crazy intense cherry pitter or something? or for making those cute twirls of lemon rind for decorating drinks with.

  3. A chocolate shaver? Mmm…chocolate…

    My stepdaughters’ bedroom looks like that all the time, and they are only here 2 weekends a month. It is a huge room, and considering that one daughter spends most of her time reading and the other is usually playing on her Nintendo DSI thingy, the mess is an enigma.

    Baby feets are so adorable! (And yay for choir!)

  4. Could it be a special doodacky for stirring your tea?
    Babies feet are compulsory photo material, and I suspect your older nephew could have the same sense of humour as our boys. sigh.

      1. I would guess, yes, but as I don’t know what a doohickey is…who’d know that we’d need a translator when we both speak English. LOL
        Boys-butts-fart jokes…yep.

  5. Hmm. At first I thought the mystery utensil was rounded, like a honey dipper. It seems to be flat, so that idea is out. It must be for opening or peeling something.

    GPS is the way to go.

  6. Well, I was going to guess for dipping honey…
    It wouldn’t have something to do with “feminine hygiene” would it? ;-p

    Does that thing on the end swivel? Can’t wait to find out what it is.

  7. I’m wondering if maybe we are on the wrong track… Maybe it’s not a kitchen utensil. I’m thinking letter opener, or something to do with candles… maybe a ‘wick lifter.’ (That sounds naughtier when I type it than it did in my head).

  8. I sure wish I had a cute dog to sit on my clean laundry. I only have a cat, but she won’t sit on all of our laundry. She kind of prefers black clothing so her shedding can be noticed at its maximum potential.

  9. I have the same, cat in dark and a dog in light…wouldn’t want to have at least ONE set of clothing without visable hair would we? I haven’t got a freaking clue what the thing a ma jig dooma hicky is though…

  10. I just felt a huge grin spreading across my face when I seen pics of that room. Almost like you made it seem acceptable to go with the flow and not worry so much about the little things, like laundry. I have a teenage son. Ugh! His room smells, and he never has anything fun laying around. Now when my daughter was still home, that was a different story. Her messy room was a decoupage of color with clothes, books, personal journals, hair scrunchies, nail polish, colorful bedding, etc. I used to go in there sometimes, would kick back on her bed, we’d eat some cookies, and just visit with her in her little space. I miss that. Thanks for reminding me of such an irreplaceable time in my life. Appreciate the messy room. You’ll miss it when they’re gone.

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