Post-Rapture Latté Winner

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Thank you to everyone who entered the caption contest. I giggled repeatedly. It was tough to choose, but choose I did, and the winner of a whole latté is Jamie A. Hughes for the caption:

“Ripple: Putting the Raggedy in Raggedy Ann since 1920.”

Ripple: Putting the Raggedy in Raggedy Ann since 1920

Jamie writes The Tousled Apostle , a deeply insightful, well-written blog about being a musician, a writer, and a Christian. I’m not sure how she ended up here. But I’m glad she did and she gets a latté. Jamie, email me at accidentalstepmom (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know where to send your tiny gift card.

Oh, and if you don’t know what Ripple is, go here.

My favorite honorable mentions were:

Black Hole Under My Couch: “Why do they even call them roofies? Why not floories?… Or what about groundies?”

Pen & Mink: “Not amused by Ann’s decision to moon him on rapture day, Jesus decided she would be better off staying here.”

and Karen @ kloppenmum, with simply: “Bum!”

Everybody who entered, if you ever swing by New York, hit me up and I’ll buy you a latté. Unless I know you and you live here, in which case I’ll meet you for a latté and we can go dutch. (Hey, I have five kids. Deal with it.)

Happy Sunday!

Pre-Rapture Photo Caption Contest

If you read this blog, you may remember that I have a shiny new nephew:

Did you see his foot?

When I visited him, I decided that he’s now Tiny Nephew, because he’s only like six pounds. Tiny Nephew has three older brothers. Here is my favorite picture of all time:

Tiny Nephew with Slightly-Larger Nephew

Aren’t they just too much?

But that’s not what I need your help with.

One day of my visit while we were downstairs fawning, someone, who shall remain nameless but is a nephew that can walk and is pictured somewhere in this post, was upstairs in grandma’s nursery playing with the toys. As he has been well-trained (unlike my kids), he put everything away when he was finished.

Except for one thing:

That’s how I found her after they went home. Facedown and alone on the nursery floor.

Poor thing.

I know how she feels.

This photo needs a caption.

I needed to put this out there before the Rapture, because it’s been on my to-do list for a week and I’m tidying up my loose ends. If they don’t take me, then at least I’m ahead.

Can you help me out? I’d offer to share my bacon with you but #5 won’t let me have any. But I can offer up a Starbucks gift card that will get you a (as in one) latte.

Post your captions in the comments through 6pm EST Saturday, May 21 and I’ll pick a winner. If I’m saved though, I’m drinking your latte.