Post-Rapture Latté Winner

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Thank you to everyone who entered the caption contest. I giggled repeatedly. It was tough to choose, but choose I did, and the winner of a whole latté is Jamie A. Hughes for the caption:

“Ripple: Putting the Raggedy in Raggedy Ann since 1920.”

Ripple: Putting the Raggedy in Raggedy Ann since 1920

Jamie writes The Tousled Apostle , a deeply insightful, well-written blog about being a musician, a writer, and a Christian. I’m not sure how she ended up here. But I’m glad she did and she gets a latté. Jamie, email me at accidentalstepmom (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know where to send your tiny gift card.

Oh, and if you don’t know what Ripple is, go here.

My favorite honorable mentions were:

Black Hole Under My Couch: “Why do they even call them roofies? Why not floories?… Or what about groundies?”

Pen & Mink: “Not amused by Ann’s decision to moon him on rapture day, Jesus decided she would be better off staying here.”

and Karen @ kloppenmum, with simply: “Bum!”

Everybody who entered, if you ever swing by New York, hit me up and I’ll buy you a latté. Unless I know you and you live here, in which case I’ll meet you for a latté and we can go dutch. (Hey, I have five kids. Deal with it.)

Happy Sunday!