One & Done Sunday #22

Hey. It’s One & Done Sunday. One picture, and five (if you do math creatively) links that are worth your time.

Here’s your picture.

Photo: Elizabeth Cooper

Isn’t it amazing? It is a direct result of today’s first link.

Author/blogger Roni Loren was recently sued for using a photo on her blog without permission. The fact that she credited the photographer turned out to be irrelevant, and that was news to most of us in the blogosphere. This week, Kristen Lamb rallied her WANA troops to create a safe place for bloggers to share photos for the express purpose of using them on their blogs. Check out the details here. I’m most grateful for this resource because, let’s face it: if someone sues me I can pretty much only pay them in dirty laundry and dust bunnies. That’s probably not going to be okay.


In that realm of pictures and permissions, there’s an event that happened that I really wish I had pictures from but I don’t because I didn’t go. It was the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award in Canada, honoring, among others, theater director Des McAnuff, of Tommy and Jersey Boys fame. Des has a habit of taking the majority of our show’s band away with him to play events such as these. We do the show in their absence with other talented musicians and give them a hard time when they return.

But this time they got to meet Rush and play on stage with Pete Townshend, and frankly, I’m not speaking to them anymore. Neil Peart, drummer for Rush, mentions the event in his blog post: Where Words Fail, Music Speaks.


I love Betty Londergan. She’s a Heifer volunteer and is traversing the globe looking in on many of their projects. Heifer is an amazing organization- the real deal. They don’t give handouts; they teach people how to be self-sufficient, help their neighbors, and be responsible to the planet. Reading her blog always feeds my soul. This post is simply a collection of amazing pictures that she took in her trip to Romania: La Revedere, Romania!

While you’re there, she has a whole series of recent posts on Heifer work right here in America, in the Appalachians, and my current favorite is Bikers for Broccoli.


Matt Lambros is a photographer in New York who has a blog solely devoted to “photographic documentation of years of decay and neglect in some of America’s greatest theaters.” His blog is called After The Final Curtain, and here is a short history and some really cool pictures of the dilapidated Shore Theater on Coney Island.


A great post by Deborah Bryan about clearing: The Imperfect Art of Letting Go

Happy Sunday.

One and Done #12

Welcome to One and Done Sunday. One picture, and five links that are worth your time.

Yeah, I know I’m late. I promised myself I would clean my bathroom before I got online today. There were a lot of things that interrupted me though, including Chicks With Guns and a Foo Fighters documentary. But I think I’ve got like seventeen minutes left.

CC took this picture during the Halloween blizzard. I think it’s cool. The Halloween blizzard is the only snow we’ve had so far this season. I am convinced it’s because one of my co-workers bought a new snow blower after the hurricane (thanks, Jan!).

Heavy hitters this week on the links. Bloggers that really don’t need help spreading the word, but if you missed them, check them the hell out.

Amazing pictures, followed by amazing writing, from one who served. Iraq: What I Remember by Michael Xavier Oritz

This fed my soul, in an unbelievable way. It’s super long, but what would you expect from The Wedding Blog by amanda f*ing palmer? It’s worth it.

Lori Dyan tells what to do when your kid gets religion. Google is My Co-Pilot by Lori Dyan

The most unexpected and hopeful post about debilitating depression and self-harm that I read this week: The Fight Goes On. The Bloggess.

Betty Londergan has a new gig and a new blog. She’s one of my favorite writers, now working with one of my favorite organizations, Heifer International. Check out her page on the new blog Why Heifer

Happy Sunday.

One and Done #2

Welcome to One and Done Sunday. A picture, and five links that are worth your time. Today with a couple of extra thoughts because of the date.

Superficial snapshot ten years ago: Aida tour, playing Phoenix. I lived there at the time so I got to stay at home instead of a hotel. I was packing up all my stuff to put in storage for probably forever and close out the guest house rental that was the very first place I’d ever lived all by myself.

I didn’t have a TV. I found out about the attacks when our company manager called to tell me the show was cancelled. It’s another post that I likely will never write, but there were things happening in my personal life at this time that made this tragedy seem not out of place.

The rest of the week passed in a stupor. When our run in Phoenix was over and we loaded out, planes still weren’t flying yet. Our company manager did a lot of string pulling and wrote a personal check to get us a sleeper bus that would take us to our next stop in Austin. It was Blink-182’s bus, available because they too were canceling shows, reeling from what had happened.

It was a long drive from Phoenix to Austin. We’re stagehands, so we did what we do: made each other laugh and told stories. We watched The Brady Bunch movie. We snagged a couple hours of sleep. The bus was stocked with snacks and I ate Blink-182’s Cap’n Crunch. Though things got far worse before they got better, speaking personally and globally, this is the moment where I began to heal.

It’s important to me to remember those moments of beginnings.

Fast forward five years to September 11, 2006.

These kids and their Dad and I hopped a plane in LA and flew back to New Jersey and started a life together. We had to get a special written dispensation to carry #5’s butt cream on the plane. I won’t speak for them, but as for me, I have never regretted any of it- the decision, the flight, or the butt cream (though I’m pretty happy he finally got potty trained).

Here are your links:

Clay Morgan is also remembering something different five years ago. The Greatest Teacher I Ever Had.

Funny: Tips for pet sitters by Paul Johnson, aka The Good Greatsby

Myth? No, an honest-to-god good day at the airport. Betty Londergan at What Gives 365

A really excellent picture of goats: Cheryl Zovich, Cur Tales

The best 9/11 post you didn’t read this week: Ten Years ago, Ed Whitehead had a view of the World Trade Center out his bedroom window and forty rolls of film. Perfect Souls Shine Through at Punchnels

That is five. However, given the gravity of the day, I leave you with one more which I would categorize as frickin’ hilarious by one of my favorite blogger/artists ever. Hyperbole and A Half: The Alot is Better Than You At Everything. Enjoy.