One & Done Sunday #22

Hey. It’s One & Done Sunday. One picture, and five (if you do math creatively) links that are worth your time.

Here’s your picture.

Photo: Elizabeth Cooper

Isn’t it amazing? It is a direct result of today’s first link.

Author/blogger Roni Loren was recently sued for using a photo on her blog without permission. The fact that she credited the photographer turned out to be irrelevant, and that was news to most of us in the blogosphere. This week, Kristen Lamb rallied her WANA troops to create a safe place for bloggers to share photos for the express purpose of using them on their blogs. Check out the details here. I’m most grateful for this resource because, let’s face it: if someone sues me I can pretty much only pay them in dirty laundry and dust bunnies. That’s probably not going to be okay.


In that realm of pictures and permissions, there’s an event that happened that I really wish I had pictures from but I don’t because I didn’t go. It was the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award in Canada, honoring, among others, theater director Des McAnuff, of Tommy and Jersey Boys fame. Des has a habit of taking the majority of our show’s band away with him to play events such as these. We do the show in their absence with other talented musicians and give them a hard time when they return.

But this time they got to meet Rush and play on stage with Pete Townshend, and frankly, I’m not speaking to them anymore. Neil Peart, drummer for Rush, mentions the event in his blog post: Where Words Fail, Music Speaks.


I love Betty Londergan. She’s a Heifer volunteer and is traversing the globe looking in on many of their projects. Heifer is an amazing organization- the real deal. They don’t give handouts; they teach people how to be self-sufficient, help their neighbors, and be responsible to the planet. Reading her blog always feeds my soul. This post is simply a collection of amazing pictures that she took in her trip to Romania: La Revedere, Romania!

While you’re there, she has a whole series of recent posts on Heifer work right here in America, in the Appalachians, and my current favorite is Bikers for Broccoli.


Matt Lambros is a photographer in New York who has a blog solely devoted to “photographic documentation of years of decay and neglect in some of America’s greatest theaters.” His blog is called After The Final Curtain, and here is a short history and some really cool pictures of the dilapidated Shore Theater on Coney Island.


A great post by Deborah Bryan about clearing: The Imperfect Art of Letting Go

Happy Sunday.


13 thoughts on “One & Done Sunday #22

  1. I just read that whole post by Neil Peart. Wow! Talk about a looong post! But it is nice to see RUSH receive some much overdue recognition. Why the US hasn’t inducted them into the Music Hall of Fame yet baffles the mind.

    And Deb’s piece is great.

    1. Yeah, he’s wordy. But that’s why we love him. Well, that and the way he hits things. I can’t take the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame seriously until they’re in it.

  2. Thanks SO much for the shout-out for (We’ve got a total mutual admiration society as I ADORE Accidental Stepmom & never miss a post) … just landed in Rwanda with my daughter Lulu (this trip is her 21st birthday present .. hope it beats shots of tequila!) and am shattered, so reading this post made me deliriously happy. (And I LOVE the other posts, too … wowsa!!)

  3. It was fabulous meeting you (and your bag…, no, no, just you!) yesterday!! 😉 Thanks for the WANA link. That’ll surely be helpful in future blog posts. Cheers.

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