The Fuggle’s Latest Artistic Endeavor

Sunday I was folding some laundry on my bed, and I saw this:

There’s a little pink spot on my bed today

I thought maybe I’d dropped a lipstick. That’s not a thing that I do, dropping a lipstick. I have a very strong respect for my unnecessarily large lipstick collection but hey, it could happen. Especially when I made a point earlier this week to empty all my purses and bags since I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE ANY TIME SOON. I kept folding laundry, and I kept finding more spots. . .

WTF, spots?

They eventually led to a Puggle. More specifically, the Fuggle.

Fuggle butt

Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that Jack had a pink paw:

Don’t be judging my quarantine manicure.

A yellow/orange paw:

No really. Stop judging.

And a red paw:

And don’t judge Jack’s quarantine manicure, either.

When I saw the paws, I had a strong suspicion of where he’d been and what he’d done. I picked him up (so as to avoid any more artistic creations) and carried him down to #4’s empty room, where the evidence was undeniable.

Not the original artistic vision

We’re not entirely sure why he climbed onto the desk in the first place. It’s not his usual middle-aged Puggle routine, climbing on things. Best we can figure is he was interested in the smells, and she’d been away from the room for like 20 minutes, so he missed her (he’s a little codependent). He left a trackable path from the desk, to her bed, to the floor, up the stairs, down the hall, to my bedroom.

#4 is painting a second version of this painting. I can’t wait to see them hanging side by side.

Jackson Puggle? Jack Pollock?

So. What’s your dog into these days?

**No Puggle was harmed in the writing of this blog post. All paints came safely off all Puggle parts, including the back-foot-to-face transfer from where he was scratching himself (as a Puggle is wont to do).


14 thoughts on “The Fuggle’s Latest Artistic Endeavor

  1. There are so many times it would be nice to have video of your pets’ days just to see how in the hell exactly they manage to pull off shit like this. Like, just boredom? Curiosity? Funny stuff… when it cleans up fairly easily.

    1. Yeah, we have a trail cam that every so often I think about setting up inside. More often when you come across the dog and you’re like “How the hell did you get up there?” I’ve rescued Jack more than once from a particular spinning office chair that he can get into, but not out of. You follow the whimper and find him just spinning and spinning. . . Really good to see you here.

  2. I love the finished product (and I bet the untouched version was gorgeous too). They so need to be hung as a study! I’ve come home to my tan terrier with black eyebrows from my daughter. It actually took me a minute to figure out what was wrong? And she got into the trash one time and came out with a grease ring around her face from an open pop top can of tortilla soup. Thanks for the laughs!

    1. I love that evidence of “I totally just had my face jammed into some container of people food but I’m gonna pretend like nothing happened.” Eyebrows are hilarious. Someone once shaved a tiny strip off Jack’s chest, and to this day no one has owned up to it. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ha!
    Our dog is mostly just into extra pack mode. We lost our kitty last week (he was eighteen years old) and our dog is eleven so hasn’t known life with us without his “brother.” So he’s been seeking extra cuddles lately. We’re happy to oblige.

  4. It seems pretty clear that Fuggle is desperately reaching out for creative fulfillment. I would recommend one of the courses of study at MOMA or perhaps the Art Institute of Chicago.

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