The Puggle and the Fuggle

This is Casey.


She’s a Puggle. One of those breeds that ten years ago was a mutt, but now is a “hybrid”. Sadly, not like a car. She’s a second-generation Puggle, meaning that her parents are also Puggles, but one of their parents was a Pug and one was a Beagle. This picture was taken the day we brought her home. She’s a little overwhelmed.

Some say that the hybrid of the Puggle was created to eliminate the problems of both breeds- the hip dysplasia of the Beagle, the breathing problems of the Pug. That’s Casey. She’s the prettiest puppy I’ve ever laid eyes on, and she knows it.

It stands to reason that every so often, a Puggle comes out with all the defects of both breeds. Hence, Jack. The Fuggle.  The two of them were the entire litter.


CC likens them to the movie Twins. She’s Arnold Shwarzenegger, he’s Danny Devito. In addition to Fuggle, we call him Jackster (scream/sung like the chorus of Metallica’s Master of Puppets), Jack Attack, and Spare Parts Puppy. CC says he’s lucky he doesn’t have a wheel.

New puppies have to go to the vet only slightly less than they have to poop. We take them to the vet in the Petsmart. And man, puppies are rock stars. It’s unbelievable. You walk in there with a puppy and people fall all over themselves. Two puppies? They’re ready to hand you the keys to their car, house, boat, wife, whatever, just to rub their ears and speak in ridiculous voices. Most people ask what breed they are.

Some people recognize the breed. They see Casey and say, “Oh, a Puggle! How sweet!” Then they see Jack. “What’s that one?”

I always answer, “He’s a Fuggle.”


4 thoughts on “The Puggle and the Fuggle

  1. I love the Fuggle!

    I agree with you on “puppies being rockstars” I used to be the proud owner of 5 Basenjis…….ever heard of them? Most people have not (google them….I’ll wait). Only Vets and their recpetionist knew for certain the breed, me and my ex wife talked about getting shirts that said “These are Basenjis” and have the description of the breed on the back and wear the shirts when we were out with them….we never did, but man we got tired of explaning them to people. Maybe I will post about my “kids” I have plenty of pics.

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