Does This Cat Look Like Bacon Sunday

Recently, a friend of mine lost her cat. He was a great cat named Punkin and they loved each other well for nearly twenty years. She was understandably very sad.

The night he died, she was in the vet’s office and somebody brought in a rescue cat. Who needed a home. Who looked uncannily like Punkin, except longer. And possibly a little more like bacon.


Doesn’t he look like bacon? Like raw bacon? It’s a matter of debate at work and I would like your opinion. His name is Rosenthal, but he is Bacon Cat to me.

As far as what he’s doing in the refrigerator, I’m quite sure he’s looking for water. In addition to being Bacon Cat, he is also Water Cat.

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 10.25.31 AM
I just love water!

Here are your links.

Speaking of rescue pets, I’m making a plug for 11th Hour Rescue with this post by Julie Davidosky here on my own blog: Best In Shelter.

Nina Katchadourian spends her time on long flights by locking herself in the bathroom and pretending to be 15th century Dutch paintings. Airplane Lavatory Self-Portraits.

Chafe Chase McFadden has resurfaced this week and I was reading some of his older posts on his blog and cracking up. In Case You Ever Wondered What Happened to Those Children from Deliverance

There’s a distinct taxidermy void on my blog. Let’s fix that. Truth In Advertising (Warning: If taxidermy creeps you out, you probably shouldn’t be here at all.) on The Bloggess.

Cartoon polar bears and hacksaw amputations- what’s not to love? The Real Bears.

Be sure to leave your opinion on whether or not Rosenthal looks like bacon. I don’t exactly have money riding on this, but something far more valuable: an unspoken air of self-righteousness that I will get to parade in front of those who disagree. Who may or may not be my superiors.

Happy Sunday!


32 thoughts on “Does This Cat Look Like Bacon Sunday

  1. I have never seen a cat that looks more like bacon than this one! Although putting water on hot bacon is never a great idea. Thank you for my Sunday morning tears of laughter over the creative uses of toilet paper. I am spreading the love.

      1. From my postings on Facebook: “Creativity does not trump civility. There are other human beings on that plane who need to pee and use that toilet paper. FAIL.” And then some “awesomes.” And then, She’s creative, I’ll give you that, but I sure hope I’m not in line behind her when Eloisa has to pee.” My reply: “I would happily pee in my pants to support this artist.”

    1. The 15-year-old bacon expert in the house does not agree with you. And the huz thinks the cat might look more like bacon if it were sliced thinner. (Sorry about that on many levels…)

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Totally looks like bacon. I even asked my husband (who I was pretty sure would disagree with me), and he agrees that Rosenthal looks like raw bacon.

  3. I couldn’t even finish reading this post … I saw Heinz ketchup in the refrigerator and that was perfect enough. It’s the go-to ketchup in my family, only everyone in my family keeps it in the cupboard. I thought I was the only person who keeps it in the frig … until now 🙂

  4. First off, thanks for the link.

    Now on to important things, like the cat/bacon debate.

    I can definitely see bacon, but what I’m more drawn to is what disntinctly looks like the face of Optimus Prime around the front shoulders area. Maybe it’s still just that asswarmers song in my head.

      1. I would most definitely name that cat, “Bacon.” Raw, stripey, American bacon (the maple kind). British/Australian bacon is more reddish/brownish. Just look at the thick-cut or slab bacon at your supermarket and you’ll get the idea… or think Canadian bacon (which looks more like ham.) When did this become a bacon comment?!? So sorry.

        Nice place you’ve got here! Ran into you over at “Going ’round and ’round.”

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