Unless you’re in an ugly contest

The entire contents of #5’s room are spread out over the living room. The Puggles are a mess about it. They go back and forth between climbing the mountain of clothes on the couch and stamping their feet at us because everything’s different.

The reason for this is that we’re painting #5’s room. And by we, I mean everyone in my family except for me.

I walked in there today and the girls were painting each other, not fully hip to just how hard it is to get wall paint off one’s person. And hair. Ah well, they know now.

Casey was wagging her whole self at me and I rubbed her ears and said, as I often do, “You are too cute!”

To which #5 replied, “You can never be ‘too cute’. Unless you’re in an ugly contest.”


I made it to the day off again, end of my second week of my extra job.

I had noticeably less energy today than I did last week.

Also, far less patience.

But I went to yoga. We made popcorn and milkshakes and are watching Harry Potter Two: The Chamber of Secrets. I’m blessed that my husband did laundry so that I don’t have to go to the shop naked tomorrow. I’m lucky as hell that I got the day off today anyway.

Here’s why I didn’t have to mix my show today:

He's a hand model


Thanks for doing Sunday’s shows so I can have a day off and not be an entirely hateful human being. These pictures are from the shop build that we’re doing together. He’s Vato’s dad, the teacup chihuahua with the bark control collar that #5 liked so much.

He’s a rack-building ninja. And a hand model.

Also? I was totally coveting his baby drill there. I loaded my current show in so long ago that even power tool technology has lapped me. Most stagehands in New York, even if they’re running a regular show, will pick up extra work building shows like this or else loading in those shows into the theaters. I did some of that, and then I got a bunch of kids. I’m finding myself having to replace a lot of work-related things (tools, work boots, pants I can actually work in- uh, not to mention underwear). Though I was pleased to discover that my old tool belt fits me again. I outgrew it for a couple years.

And Lo, the new Makita!



I haven’t been this worked up about a power tool in a long time. I think I may turn my old DeWalt over to #5.

I have a feeling he would like that.





18 thoughts on “Unless you’re in an ugly contest

  1. Nice drill!
    I suppose you’re still happily married? 😉
    (This comment in reference to the old joke: The Alaskan fisherman places an ad for a mail order “Bride with fishing boat. Send picture of boat.”)

    1. HA! Yes, still happily married. I ended up giving the old DeWalt to my husband because his even older DeWalt kicked the bucket. If I ever let him touch the new Makita, it’ll be trouble.

  2. That #5 is hilarious 😀
    Funny you should be posting pics of your coveted drill – I just made a brief video a few days ago, showing off my badass drill skills, only hours before we got that snow here in Jersey:

  3. I love #5. Potential comedian in the family, I can tell.

    Sorry, to me a drill is a drill and someone else can fiddle with them – but yes, it looks nice as drills go! 😆

  4. If Bikram yoga doesn’t get you into your ‘skinny’ tool belt, you’d have to sue. And I’d put #5 on the case.

    Congrats on the new drill (and the day off) – Babs would be all over this. She loves her tools.

    P.S. – Hand model! Seriously??

    1. No, not seriously. But I’m totally busting his balls on the load in now when he wears work gloves. I don’t have work gloves anymore because one of the kids used them and left them out and Casey ate them.

  5. An inked hand model, two drills and a #5 anecdote. That might be some sort of blogging first. The Makita is pretty… prettiest drill I’ve ever seen. (Well done branding it with your name, pronto.)

  6. If you give #5 a drill, he’ll be the most popular kid in his class. In related news…my nine year old would KILL for one. Likely a poor choice of words…

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