One and Done #11

People speak of decades as if they form natural endings, when in fact they seldom end anything cleanly. Human survivors are dragged into new slices of time with which they feel no harmony and in which they are often exposed to rasping change.

-Margaret Cheney, Tesla: Man Out Of Time

This would be a way more appropriate quote if we were, in fact, turning decades this year, but let’s face it: I’m not going to remember this quote by then.

Looks like Casey had a rough night.

Here are your links:

I loved this post at fiftyfourandahalf Our New Year’s Eve Tradition. Last night I was in bed before midnight, just wiped out and grateful to not have to be in the city. Even #5 stayed up to watch the ball drop, but I just couldn’t take poor Dick Clark again. Maybe next year I’ll strive for consciousness and give this tradition a shot.

Yesterday I made a homemade chicken pot pie à la The Pioneer Woman. If you’re not a real cook (like me) but sometimes have to feed your large-ish family (like me), then you should totally get Ree’s cookbook The Pioneer Woman Cooks. If you’re as lucky as me (not likely), your husband will buy the cookbook for you and also make most of the recipes out of it. Here’s the pot pie recipe on her website: Leftover Turkey Pot Pie. PS: I used a pre-made pie crust. Sue me.

Karen at kloppenmum had a good post on Wisdom vs. Knowledge.

Short fiction about Berlin by A.S.J. Ellis: The Berlin Diaries (Part II)

The bad-ass-est marshmallow snowman ever. I Shall Win the Snowman Contest For Myself at Spectrum Woman.

Happy 2012.

7 thoughts on “One and Done #11

  1. Isn’t Pioneer Womans’ site just awesome? Thanks for the ping. I hope everyone gives this years snowman contest a shot.
    Hint: it doesnt have to be made out of snow, or be a man 😉

  2. Thanks for the Pingback, JM. There is no time limit on when you open the backdoor to let the bad luck out, and when you open the front to let the good luck in. We have done it days later when we’ve been traveling. Give it a try — the good luck is much stronger in the end!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Pleased you liked the post. Belated Happy New Year – I was in bed well before midnight – call it being in my 40s and having young kids! I hope to be back reading and commenting soon – well before New Year 2013 anway… 😉

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