When a towel is not a towel

I have a yoga towel. Nothing special- a fairly thick beach towel that I bought at Costco for fifteen bucks a few years ago. I store it in my closet, away from the family towels, so that I always have it when I go to yoga in town.

It covers my yoga mat perfectly.

It has pineapples on it.

The kids all know it’s my yoga towel. I try to take care of the washing of it but sometimes it gets mixed in with the regular towels. They know if it comes through the wash they’re supposed to put it in our bedroom instead of the linen closet. This actually happens sometimes, depending on which kid finds it, how much they care, and whether or not they’re currently pissed off at me.

A while back, while frantically searching for my towel to take to class, I found it. In the kids’ bathroom. With muddy dog prints all over it.

At least, I hope that was mud.

So I grabbed another towel. It was a thin, innocuous-looking beach towel. A bit girly for my taste- kind of looked like there might be butterflies on it, but I thought, what the hell.

A towel is a towel, right? If I’m worried about my damn towel in yoga class I clearly have more serious issues.

And I did, in fact, have more serious issues, as I discovered when I got to class and flung the towel out over my mat.



31 thoughts on “When a towel is not a towel

      1. Well, it’s not like you just stand. I should have said “the first hour of postures are all done standing up”. I can do some things for an hour, like eat chocolate, and sleep.

  1. you kill me! that is so something that might happen to me, but for the fact that i’m a controller and when one of the girls gets something like that for her birthday, i sneak it out to the donation bin behind their backs asap. clearly you need to work on your controlling skills. 🙂

  2. You are probably my first Facebook friend to do the downward dog with Hannah Montana. Is the moral of this story that a towel is not just a towel?x

  3. The spirit in me recognizes the totally humiliated Hannah Montana-loving teen spirit in you!
    Namaste. (you can’t make this stuff up … love the return of the towel to your room depends on how pissed off the stepkiddies are at you… I have so been there!

  4. You had to fucking downward dog into Hannah Montana’s face!?! I would have barfed.

    And also I now have the ‘pineapple’ song from “Cabaret” in my head. Thank you.

  5. OMG!
    I may have just spit out coffee!
    That was awesome.

    And for the record, you can buy like a sweaty-yoga-mat thing to go over your yoga mat. Mine is plain old blue. No Hannah here…

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