One and Done #6

Welcome to One and Done Sunday. One picture and five links that are worth your time.

I took this picture through my dining room window, screen and all.

It’s not a Halloween decoration.

In my defense (and theirs), I will say that we have NO other bugs at my house. But spiders? Oh, we has them.

Here are your links.

Little kids playing Metallica = awesome. Watch this video and note that while there doesn’t seem to be a bass player, there are three guitar players, one of whom is playing left-handed, and the kid who gets the solo is a chick. Sweet! They’re all like ten years old. For my money, the singer who can’t say his R‘s yet makes it real. (Thanks for the link, Mike!)

Amy Stevens lives in Joplin, MO and was on the front line of this summer’s devastating tornado. What the hell does an ant have to do with surviving a tragedy? At her blog Life From The Trenches she tells you, in a most excellent way.

My friend Amy Neswald has gone back out on the road with a show. She’s dating her way across the country and blogging about it. On her blog 50 dates in 50 states she lays out the rules. This is going to be a fun one to follow.

Elena Aitken wrote a short story about best friends and breast cancer and I downloaded it for ninety-nine cents and read it at work, and then I got all weepy and had to pretend like I got hot sauce in my eye. It’s called Betty and Veronica and you should get it.

Okay. This link. My husband came across it on a website that I can’t mention by name because anyone who knows me knows that I don’t swear, and there’s profanity in the title of the website. HA! I even made my own self laugh there for a minute. It’s a good site with lots of links to a wide range of topics, plus pictures of naked women. THIS LINK CONTAINS NO NAKED WOMEN! The link is to a collection of terrible similes, metaphors, and analogies submitted by teachers, from actual papers they have had to grade, and it cracked me the hell heck up. Here’s a teaser from it: “His thoughts tumbled in his head, making and breaking alliances like underpants in a dryer without Cling Free.”

Do you have an awesomely bad metaphor you’d like to add to the list? Happy Sunday!


12 thoughts on “One and Done #6

  1. Thanks for the shout out for my story!
    Also, I think we may have the very same spider web problem. But hey, it adds to the Halloween atmosphere.
    Happy Sunday!

  2. That is an impressive set of links – almost as impressive as that web! (You’re probably free from this ‘stink bug’ epidemic in west Jersey. They smell exactly like cilantro. …Guess who can’t eat cilantro anymore?)

    Those metaphors/similes/analogies were AWESOME. As awesome as when things are awesome.

    1. I haven’t seen a single stink bug at my house! But then I met my cousin at Colandra’s outside and one landed on her boob. I didn’t know they smelled like cilantro, that’s kind of a bummer. Do you want to borrow some spiders? I have lots.

  3. Love/Hate that pic. We have tons of spiders because we live in the country, and you might know I’m a transplanted, city girl with a terrible case of Arachnophobia. The worst is when they web between our close fir trees, you can’t see them for the sun, and walk through them. Oh, the HORROR!
    Okay, I’m still trying to figure out…Is that video with the kids playing, them REALLY playing? If it is WOW! Can you imagine where their life may take them. Too cool!
    Thanks for the links. I already checked out a couple, but am going to go through all of them. They look interesting.

    1. I hate walking through spider webs. I’m okay looking at them. Apparently that video is legit- the girl shows up in a couple other videos. They’re all just playing along to the CD. Cool, huh?

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