Yo. Listen up.

I have an announcement to make.

#2, who is a freshman in high school, got her Varsity Letter in Winter Track.

We think this is pretty cool. She thought it deserved a post and I totally agree. Strangely, what they give you when you letter is not a letter, but a plaque. It’s a very fancy plaque and a most appropriate use of my exorbitant tax dollars. I can get behind this.

I would post a picture of it, but I’m pretty sure she’s sleeping with it under her pillow.

That is all.


17 thoughts on “Yo. Listen up.

  1. Congratulations, #2! Way to go, girl.

    By the way, I live in Florida and the words “Winter” and “track” don’t mean what I think you think they mean! Haha!

    Love your blog… sorry for all the exclamation points…

  2. Congratulations #2! And congratulations step-mom/blogger…at least she asked you to put in a post. My teen girls don’t read my blog, they just think I am on FB all the time. I am barely noticed other than to ask for money, a ride or dinner.

  3. It means a lot now. The memento will be valued even more 40 years from now. Good for college portfolio as well. All my things like this have gone by the wayside.

  4. Congrats, #2! What events does #2 compete in? Now outdoor track?

    KAW and I just finished up coaching middle school track on Saturday. Because of weather, we had two meets in six weeks.

    1. They moved her around a lot but she mostly did the 800, long jump, and something else where you run really far while it’s cold out. I believe that fully half of her meets were cancelled also because of the weather (snow). Now we’re in the softball season where half of the games are cancelled for rain. You don’t have any middle schoolers yet, do you? Do you sic the little ones on the runners to make them go faster?

  5. In my High School Days, when we lettered, we go a letter. We diligently sewed it on a jacket and then wore the jacket till … well lots of reasons to abandon a High School jacket, really.

    1. This is what I was expecting. I wonder if the actual letter shows up later. She doesn’t have the jacket yet but I will totally get her one so she has a place to put the letter. She’s on her own for sewing though.

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