I Have Broken the Space-Time Continuum

Because that’s what happens when I try to coordinate and organize: I end up in three places at once. 

It really makes me uncomfortable when you do that.
It really makes me uncomfortable when you do that.

On Family Circle’s Momster blog, I’m talking about the benefits of treating your kids with inequity. That’s inequity, not iniquity. I’m not completely evil. (For the record: honoring a request to take one kid to KISS while denying a request to take a different kid to Justin Bieber is not evil; it’s self-preservation).

On Family Fusion Community I write about losing your sh.. temper with cute little short people. You just may pick up a tip on how to not break down a door.

Back to the space-time continuum.

Pfft. I break that continuum all the time. See? I'm breaking it right now.
Pfft. I break that continuum all the time. See? I’m breaking it right now.

The only other English word I could come up with that contains double U’s was vacuum. Turns out there are several more, but I had to google them and one is kind of gross so that’s where I stopped reading. I’m leaving the comments open so you can say your favorite word in English that has two U’s right in a row. Or else list one way KISS is better than Justin Bieber.

The Beginning

I’ve never told the beginning of my story before, about how I came to be an accidental stepmom. There honestly aren’t even very many people in real life who know it.

When Trish Eklund connected with me about becoming a contributor to her new site, Family Fusion Community, she suggested for my first post that I tell how it all started. I’m sure she didn’t realize at the time what a big freaking deal that was going to be for me.

I believe that there’s too much secrecy and stigma associated with mental illness, and I believe it gets real dicey when you’re trying to talk about how someone else’s mental illness effects you and people around them. You want to be discrete and not tell someone else’s story. But how can you tell your own story without mentioning that part at all?

Here’s my post, How it All Began on Family Fusion Community.