One and Done Sunday #14

Hey. It’s One & Done Sunday. I’m actually on a one & done Sunday schedule again. Cool.

I took this picture months ago at work (at the old job). They were putting in these defibrillator stations and, apparently, it is done in stages.

This would be the Lysol stage. That’s the bathroom right behind it, so I guess it’s not wildly inappropriate.

I’ve tagged some links from posts that I’ve enjoyed and even though they weren’t all put out this week, here they are.

First off, if you’ve ever been around midtown New York, I’m willing to bet my overtime paycheck that you have seen the Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar ads. They’re plastered up everywhere. There are more Dan Smith ads than there are trash cans. Or mail boxes. Or Famous Ray’s. Even more than Starbuck’s.

There’s an electrician in our business to whom someone made the comment that he looks like Dan Smith.

Which he doesn’t.

But then he made this. Randy Zaibek Will Teach You. . . and I howled. Every time I go back to it, it’s funnier.

A post on gratitude, and why one man runs. Run to Be Fit.

For writers, Kristen Lamb’s Seven Deadly Sins of Prologues.

Christine at QuasiAgitato’s post on, as I like to call it, what the hell happened? Plan Z. For those of us who were planning on being far too famous to have kids.

You probably have said something like this to a child at some point, and this guy made art about it. Deny Designs.

An old post, but SUPER frickin’ cool! A hand-knit skeleton.

Happy Sunday.