Squirrel Time

I’ve been writing on my day off, but since my last post, my day off has had other plans (much like that overtime money) and a bunch of shit happened: a dog emergency, travel to follow up on a mom emergency, the long-awaited opening of that show we were getting up and running. . .

And then I just tried to catch my fucking breath.

The dog is okay now. So is the mom. The critics hate the show, but the sold-out houses disagree. So fuck those guys. The day someone names a theater after Ben Brantley is the day my exit plan is overdue.

It’s not my day off. It’s my dinner break. But I figured it was a good time to break the silence and introduce you to Tom Petty, the best opening night present ever:



He’s ready for his closeup:


That’s all for now. Sleep tight.



3 thoughts on “Squirrel Time

  1. Nice Squirrel! I have one in the attic I hear running around at night, “Sneaky” the squirrel we call him, I hope I can taxidermy it as nicely. They haven’t named a theater after Frank Rich either but they did name one after Martin Beck for a while.

  2. A Famous and Best selling author (+40) once told me that critics are folks that have never done anything well so they write about what they know best … failure. Glad your dog is recovering

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