Yin and Yang, Yoga Style

One week, one yoga studio. Two Bikram teachers, two very different styles.

One gave us some great quotes to ponder as we were struggling for breath down on the mat between asanas.

For when you’re working towards a goal: I am comfortable with my plan. I am at peace with my power. I achieve my dreams and outcomes with ease.

To stay out of needless drama: I am a lighthouse, not a lifeboat. I do not rescue, but instead help others to find their own way to shore, guiding them by my example.

She spoke two others that were quite beautiful, Marianne Williamson as quoted by Nelson Mandela at his inauguration, The Guest House by 13th century Sufi poet Rumi.

It made the trying to breathe and not fall out of savasana better.

The other one offered us this eloquent advice in the final part of Half Moon with Pada-Hastasana:


He also made us sing Happy Birthday to one of the students during Triangle pose. Twice.

Photo credit: the amazing Kristen Lamb, via WANA commons

I love both those teachers. I love that even with it always being the same 26 postures, you never know what’s going to happen. I dig opposites. Learning how to comfortable with uncertainty is why I keep coming back.

I’m never going to go into that second set of Triangle now thinking that I can’t breathe and have to fall out, knowing that I can actually sing Happy frickin’ Birthday while holding the pose.

I’m also never going to go into hands-to-feet pose without picturing the entire class…um, lighting up the ceiling.

For Bikram Yoga Etiquette, check out this post on Joy is so Yellow.



One thought on “Yin and Yang, Yoga Style

  1. I’m so sad I can’t do yoga for three months because of my knee surgery (and yoga is hard on your knees — just look at some of those poses!) plus I have a rotator cuff shoulder pull so basically I’m falling apart. I’m living vicariously through you, Miss Yoga Pants! — and btw, I was SO happy you solved that Marianne Williamson/Nelson Mandela mystery quote … that’s bothered me for years as I knew I’d read it somewhere before!!

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