One and Done #10

Hey. It’s One and Done Sunday.

Also, it’s Christmas.

One and Done Sunday is supposed to be nice and easy. One picture, and five links that are worth your time.

However, since I’ve been offline for like three weeks, I’ve only read two things and they’re not blogs. They’re articles that CC sent me links to, one with the email subject of “ewwwww” and the other with a subject of “EWWWWWWWWW!”.

The first is an article in Wired about how you can catch the Bubonic Plague from letting your dog sleep in your bed.

The second is an article on Yahoo connecting deaths from brain-eating amoeba to neti pot use with tap water.

The first year the kids lived with us I went on antibiotics five times for sinus & respiratory infections, including a bout with bronchitis that had me largely bedridden for a month with a fever that reached 104 degrees more than once. Then I found a great ENT and a neti pot. They changed my life.

My awesome ENT suggested that I use the pre-made saline solution and heat it in the microwave, rather than making it up with tap water and the salt packets. He said it would be more effective. That just seemed like extra steps to me, so I did not heed his advice and used hot tap water from the bathroom with the salt packets. After all, he said the pre-made solution was “more effective”. AT NO TIME did he mention the phrase, “brain-eating amoeba” in association with tap water. This seems to me a severe oversight on his part, and I may be reconsidering his awesomeness.

A word to doctors: if you want to get your patients’ attention, just use that phrase, “brain-eating amoeba”.

I’m sure the phrase, “flesh-eating bacteria” will have a similar effect.

As for the other links. . . uhhh. . . let’s see here. Well, Erin from Momfog is consistently kicking my ass on Words With Friends and she scored this one word on me that was worth 141 points. I was simultaneously impressed and humiliated. That has nothing to do with anything she posted but I like her blog. Oh, also, if you got a Kindle for Christmas, you should download Elena Aitken’s book Unexpected Gifts because it’s fun and sexy and every Kindle needs some o’ that.

If you wrote or read a post you want to share, put a link in the comments section below. Because I don’t really think that the Black Death and brain-eating amoeba are very festive links to put up at holiday time and my mom might get mad at me about that.

Here’s a slideshow of some pictures I took in the city this week.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


13 thoughts on “One and Done #10

  1. I’m going to have to come back Jan 3. Due to our 4 ankle biters, we blew our monthly internet usage allowance so we’ve been slowed to a literal crawl – I can’t see the houses on the previous article or the slideshow here without waiting until I need the grey covered again.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

  2. Thanks for posting these photos – makes me want to take a day trip up to the city to catch all the Christmassyness for myself… Hmmm…that’s a nice idea. If I knew what theatre you were working in, I could stalk the back stage door until I saw you! Then, take really bad pics of you (which will of course be difficult to manage, you purring vixen, you!) then post them all over my blog. Maybe I will have to resort to photoshopping on some really wild, hairy Donald Trump eyebrows, perhaps a lumpy mole, and a few grey, cracked teeth 😀

    Hm. I think I will try to get up to the city before the new year. I’ve just got to see those giant christmas tree balls…

  3. Oh, god, the “EWWW” thing cracked me up – I don’t know if I can handle it! Great pictures, too; I saw the giant string of lights when I went in on the 18th and I was fixated!

  4. I’ve always wanted to be in NYC at Christmas. I hear it’s gorgeous. Anyway, thanks for the link and sorry about the 141 point word. I was giddy over that and I hated that it was at your expense. I’d much rather have played that word on the dude who kicks my ass on a regular basis. I strongly suspect he cheats because, come on, he’s a DUDE and he beats me? Yeah, right.

    DH uses a Neti pot and couldn’t care less about brain-eating bacteria. I suspect it’s because the brain-eating bacteria has already taken hold. He’s shown evidence of that for years…

  5. Okay…so, I realize I’m REALLY late at this…but THANK YOU!
    I took a break from blogging/ blog reading/ and really, almost everything. But what a nice surprise to see that you totally gave my book a shout out! Thanks so much!
    Now, I’ll try really hard not to come up with a crazy point word on Words with Friends (like that will be hard!)

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