One and Done #8

Welcome to One and Done Sunday. One picture and five links that are worth your time.

What a week. I’m whooped. Highlights included:

  • The few blissful days when our street was quiet because of the huge tree that fell out of our yard and completely blocked it.
  • The zombie ninja makeup I did for #5, which I totally pulled out of my ass – wait, that didn’t sound right. We were going to do a practice run of the makeup but then the power was out and Halloween got cancelled and I thought I was off the hook. But Thursday night we got an email from the elementary school saying all Halloween festivities were on for, you guessed it, Friday! I had exactly ten minutes to do his makeup cold on his lunch break and didn’t get a good picture of it but it includes a throwing star embedded in his forehead. He was pleased.
  • Taking the kids to the mall and just hanging out Tuesday night. You know, because the mall had power, and we didn’t. We bought snow boots and ate pretzels and some of the children got some things pierced, though I did stop short of taking them to get tattooed. #1 did that on her own a couple weeks ago. Um, yes, we have a tattoo shop at our mall. It is New Jersey, after all.
  • Being able to do laundry again once the power came back on. My god, you have no idea how much laundry there is for a family of seven until you can’t run the machine constantly. CC and I even had more than one conversation about sending #1 and #2 to go and find an open laundromat and do all the laundry. I talked him out of it both times (girls, you can thank me at Christmas).
  • The fact that the unwanted candy bowl is loaded with peanut M&M’s because all the kids hate them.
  • Oh right! And an extra hour of sleep tonight!

Here’s your picture:

From the aforementioned tree, blocking the aforementioned road.

And here are your links.

Robyn at Team Oyenyi has been one of my greatest supporters. She became a stepmom to four overnight, but also had to endure a nightmare of political maneuvering to be able to bring her family all together in one country. I can’t tell you how much it thrills me that Friday marked five months of everyone being in one place. She’s doing a great job. Team Oyenyi Five Months of Family Life.

This is a good ghost story: The Feast Of All Souls. The Single Cell.

Truly excellent pictures of a one-eyed hawk, from a Connecti-can who still doesn’t have power back: Cheryl Zovich

Quick. Funny. Leanne Shirtliffe at Ironic Mom: Stephen King on Parenting.

Quirky. Funny. Ellie Ann Soderstrom Why Meth Dealers Are the Best Boyfriends.

Happy Sunday.


16 thoughts on “One and Done #8

    1. Darn – I was the first comment AND I made a typo! I hate that.

      I do want to know what were the “things” the kids got pierced! 😆

      Oh, and yes, I DO know how much laundry there WOULD be if we lost power for that long. Oh, yes, I do!

  1. @ gojulesgo,

    My only problem with the tattoo is that it is a quote from Christopher McCandless: ” I now walk into the wild”. McCandless was a F-up, and I told #1 that she should use a quote from someone who didn’t fail so spectacularly. Other than that, well…it is Jersey. At least it’s not on her face.

    The anti- Harry Potter:

  2. Well. Throwing stars and tattoos in the mall. You HAVE had a busy week. I’m glad the house is in one piece and the lights are back on. I’m not sure how I feel about the tattoo (I hear CC above) and the throwing star is just sort of genius (though it implies he’s not, like, the stealthiest or quickest of ninjas). Thanks so much for the shout-out!

  3. thank you so much for including my post along with such other great blogs!
    You have a tattoo parlor in your mall?! Wow. That would just be too hard to resist–I’d want to get one every time i went in. Or, I’d at least think about getting one, and talk to the artists about getting one. Now that I think about it … I still probably wouldn’t get one. THey hurt too much. 😉

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