One and Done #4

Welcome to One and Done Sunday. Grab your coffee and your bacon. One picture, and five links that are worth your time.

Here’s a picture of Jack, who successfully beat Casey for the coveted nesting-in-the-pillows position on our bed, which inevitably ends in us having to change out the pillow cases because of dog butt where we want to put our faces at night.

I think the battle wore him down.

Here are your links:

Screw guilt. The Redneck Princess.

Obscenities at the ballet (thanks to my friend JVB for this one) Cragislist.

Hilarious post by Leanne Shirtliffe: Shakespeare on Parenting. Ironic Mom.

An excellent marriage proposal on Stuff Kids Write

Pic of the homeless in Portland, from Nikki Sixx’s Tumbler blog. (yeah, that Nikki Sixx- click here for the home page of his Tumbler blog)

Happy Sunday.


15 thoughts on “One and Done #4

  1. I just love that your little doggy is so comfortable. It says “I feel safe, loved, sleepy now…” He does not have to fear predators within yours walls, I am guessing. Save for the predatorial hug once in a while.

  2. Ha! I’m pretty sure every pillow in this house has seen Uncle Jesse’s butt between 11-2,000,000 times. He even plays games with the pillows. “Ooh, let me hide my bone.” Then one second later, “There you are, bone! You can’t fool me!”

    And I wonder why the weekends fly by.

  3. One and done is a VERY cute idea!!! (might have to borrow that gem). Thanks for the additional exposure with a link to my son’s marriage proposal. Ah, what does the future hold for me and this little one? 🙂

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