One and Done #3

Welcome to One and Done Sunday.

Here’s your picture (forgive me, it’s the kind of picture you take in the parking lot with your cell phone while you’re trying to look like you’re not taking a picture):

My Zombie Family ate your Ski Family's brains.

And now, five links that are worth your time.

How I survived five brothers: Darla at She’s a Maineiac

An excellent short video about one of my favorite Broadway performers, Rachelle Rak

Pics of New York City in the early 1940’s, in color: Naomi Bulger: Messages In Bottles

Ass-kicking at its finest: Piper Bayard guest posts on Renée A. Shuls-Jacobson’s Lessons from Teachers and Twits

I’m not the jerk whisperer: Amber West.

Happy Sunday.


16 thoughts on “One and Done #3

  1. Bwahaha! Even if Ba.D. weren’t already dying for his own zombie family stickers before, this would have pushed him over.

    I cannot wait to show him later this evening.


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