A Jack Montage

This guy.

I love him.

Here’s a picture from the first day we brought him home:

Look at that fat belly.

A rare picture of Jack both awake, and holding still:

Most of his awake pictures look like this:

He’s a busy puggle.

He’s got things to do.

Except for when he had the Cone of Shame.

He hated the Cone of Shame.

He’s an intense napper. I have lots of pictures of him sleeping.

They’re easier to get.

Nobody takes you seriously when your ears are inside-out, Jack.


Well, they don’t.



20 thoughts on “A Jack Montage

  1. I LOVE this!!! The Cone of Shame, how sad! Haha! You sound like us with Uncle Jesse: “Nobody takes you seriously when your ears are inside-out.” Ha! Thanks for sharing all of these great pictures!

  2. Isn’t it incredible how much love you can have for a dog? Even when you’re picking up the 100th freshly laid turd off of the dining room carpet and you feel like taking your putty on a ride to the “country”, they’re so cute they usually just end up getting a big kiss on the mouth (sometimes with tongue).

  3. I never allowed my dog to french me. I taught her early-on to restrain herself, nothing good would come of it…no rewards at all. That said, I have a serious crush on Jack dog. And I feel I could love him, even thru his Cone-Of-Shame phase. The inside-out-ears just have to go, though. You are right – nobody respects that!

    Awesome post! (me loves doggies)

  4. The cone of shame- I shiver when I see it and I’m super glad I’m a gal. Ever since I saw Doug in UP it gives me nightmares.

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