Everyone’s a Critic

The Puggle, Casey, aka the Evil Brown One, has a far more subtle personality than her brother.

Jack the Fuggle is fierce and in your face with any toy he can find the instant he wakes. Casey sits and watches him play. When she jumps in, it’s pathetic. She may be genetically superior to him in every other way, but she can’t hold on to a tennis ball to save her life.

Jack was housebroken by the time we brought Casey home three days later (which is a whole other post entirely). He had a minor setback when she joined the household, but he got it together. He learned within a week to ask to go out, and rarely had accidents.

Casey couldn’t be bothered. She had a great deal of sleeping to do, and too much table food to steal to deal with these petty concerns. If it was raining, she preferred to go on the floor.

But lately, she’s developed some communication skills. She has started to learn how to ask to go out, but. . . indirectly. Passive-aggressively. The way all the girls in our house communicate. She’ll sit slightly closer to the stairs. She may gaze in the general direction of the front door. These signs are far too subtle to be noticed by the heathens, but I see them. I respond.

That’s how it started, anyway. Casey is now drunk with power regarding her newfound ability to communicate. Whenever I sit down to write, she comes and sits in front of me.

She stamps her feet.

She whines.

She dances.

She paws at me.

I have responded to this in every way I know how to respond to a dog: I’ve taken her out, I’ve fed and watered her, I’ve rubbed her ears, I’ve rubbed her belly. I’ve tried to engage her in play (to the best of her ability). I’ve given her bacon, for pete’s sake. Nothing ceases the stamping and whining and dancing. Or chewing of cables.

Me: I don’t get it. She only does this when I write.

CC:  Isn’t it obvious? She thinks you’re a hack. She’s saying, “If only I had thumbs I could make her stop!” But she doesn’t.

Me: So she breaks my concentration and chews my cables. Oh my god, you’re right.



6 thoughts on “Everyone’s a Critic

  1. Ah, she has you well trained. She dances, you respond. She whines, you respond. She paws, you respond. She’s enjoying this little game and you’re driven to distraction. What’s wrong with this picture? (Hint: Who’s in charge?) Believe me, she can keep this up all day … it’s fun AND rewarding for her!

    Solution: As long as you know for sure her NEEDS have been met (food, potty, exercise, some personal attention time) then ignore her prompts. If you keep playing her game she’ll just up the ante.

    Pushy (confident) canines come in ALL sizes, but the smaller they are, sometimes the harder they push. Like men, I think it’s a size thing. 😉

    1. You are so right. The more I try to ignore her, the louder she gets. She’s making stranger and stranger sounds too. Now she’s graduated to making this mutant pigeon chirping sound.

  2. My big dog wants to go out every time I sit down in my office near the sliding door. Never mind that I am sitting there for 3 minutes while my laptop is plugged into the printer or that he has a perfectly functional doggie door in the next room. When I sit, a gray-haired chin appears on my knee – MomwagwagwagMomwagwagwagMOM! wagwag…poke…outSIDE! You’re IN HERE! The door is RIGHT THERE! OUTSIIIDE!!

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