Pi Day Pie Challenge & Giveaway

One of the first posts I ever wrote was about the Pi Day Pie I promised #3 I would make for her seventh-grade math class, and then forgot about. It continues to be one of my more popular posts, particularly around this time of year when geeks like me are looking for badass pictures of Pi Day Pies.

Now, Pi Day is not to be confused with Pie Day. Pie Day is January 23 and is best handled by real pie makers like Beth Howard of The World Needs More Pie fame.

We missed Pie Day.

Pi Day is because of the date, March 14, which in the US we notate as 3/14 or 3.14 . . . and there you have Pi! And a pie is a circle!! And you need Pi for circles!!! And I’m already so excited I can’t stand it!!!! (That’s ten whole exclamation points in one sentence alone, THAT’S how excited I am! Oops, eleven.)

The 7th grade math class Pi Day Pie was the first time I had ever made a pie, and even though I completely half-assed it with store-bought crust and canned filling, I think I came out with a pretty badass-looking pie:

Pi Day Pie
I’m bleeding significant digits here, people.

And I think you guys can make even more badass pies!

This year I am opening the challenge to all y’all. It’s simple: make a Pi Day Pie, send me a picture and tell me about it. This is purely a presentational contest. That’s the best part: YOU GET TO EAT YOUR OWN PIE!

If I pick you as a winner, you get one of my other favorite things in the word: Poopourri. (Yeah, guys at work, it was me that put it in the backstage bathroom. And you’re welcome.) If you’re judging my love of the Poopourri, it’s because you haven’t tried it. Squirt the bowl before you go and noone else will ever know! Their website is hilarious. (Deja-poo? How can you hate that?)

So, it’s open. Make your Pi Day Pie and send a picture and anything you want to say about your pie to:

jmrandolph.sloan (at) gmail (dot) com

by 11:59pm on March 13, 2013. I will announce the winner on Pi Day, March 14. You get points for creativity- whether it’s in ingredients, presentation, or the story you tell about it.

Pie makes people happy! (so does Poopourri…)

Pi Day Pie

I can’t believe it’s Pi Day again already! In honor of this, my favorite geek holiday, I’m reposting my Pi Day Pie blog that I ran last year.

Happy Pi Day.


Sunday Night:

#3 just came running in to remind me that we need a pie for tomorrow. A few weeks ago she gave me a sheet from her math class. It was about Pi Day (March 14) celebrations, and they were asking for, among other things, some pies.

Last year I saw a picture of the most badass Pi Day pie ever made.  I just searched Google images and can’t find it, which can only mean that I must know the person who made it and saw the picture on Facebook. It was homemade, crust and all, with the symbol Pi cut out of pie crust and placed on top in the center, and then the numbers cut out of pie crust, placed all around the edges of the pie. This was the first I’d ever heard of celebrating Pi Day. I was an instant believer.

I am a geek at heart and that pie thrilled me. This memory is what welled up in me when #3 handed me her math sheet, and it was what took over and compelled me to yes, volunteer a pie. I was going to make her a homemade pie, crust and all, and decorate it with as many decimal places of Pi that I could fit around the circumference.

Then I went to Berlin and we had some crises at home and I forgot all about it until she just now came to me, and I am jetlagged and cranky and the last thing I want to do is leave the house and make a goddamn pie happen.

This is what happens when I try to be a better parent.


I said I would.

I am now off to the store to see how I can remedy this with a half-assed solution without totally crushing my geek spirit, or completely letting down #3 and her math class.

I asked CC for input. (Foodies, you can stop reading here). He suggested frozen pie crusts and canned filling. Hot damn!


Back from the store. I assemble the pie parts and then proceed to use an additional pie crust and cut out numbers freestyle with a blade. I am way too into this. The kids keep coming by and looking, and they comment on how cool it is and how unlike me it is. It takes a long time. I do not read #5 and #4 stories tonight like I usually do on Sundays. I do not even tuck them into bed. I am Baking a Pie. Leave me alone.

I signed up to give a pie to try and be a better parent.  I end up being a worse parent with a nifty pie.

Nifty, except it had an accident in the baking process. The color is uneven. And it ripped, and now it looks like it’s bleeding.

Doesn’t it rock?

I had hoped that some superior mom would be envious of my pie and erroneously attribute me mad parenting skills. That was before my Pi pie turned into sweet vampire protection.

I used to be smart

The other night at dinner, it became apparent to me that the kids were questioning my intelligence. Not in that typical “My parents don’t know anything” way, but regarding my accumulated knowledge and how I was as a student.

They thought I was dumb.

I was baffled. I had no idea where this was coming from.

I know how to read.

Of course I grew immediately defensive. It seemed like the smart thing to do.

Me: I’m smart!

Them: {silence}

Me: Really! I’m smart!

Them: {hard stares at their food}

Me: I was in advanced English my senior year in high school!

Them: {silence}

Me: National Honor Society!

#2: How do you get in to that?

Me: Wouldn’t you like to know! If you’re so smart, you’d know!

Them: {silence}

Me: Top ten percent of my class of 750? 3.8 GPA?

They exchanged the kind of glances that their Dad and I exchange when we’re inwardly making fun of them but trying to give an outward appearance of propriety.

Finally, #5 spoke up.

#5: Then how come you can never check my math homework right?

Them: {Laughter}

Me: Shut up.

We are four and a half school days away from summer vacation. While I suspect I may grow even dumber over the break, I rest comfortably knowing they will have fewer opportunities to prove it to me.