Love Cat and Prayerboy

There’s a dollar store on the main drag in our town. We used to live pretty close to it; the kids could walk there and it was one of their favorite places to blow their allowances (when we finally paid them).

In addition to candy, they had. . . crap.

Or, if you view the world from #4’s eyes, Glorious Treasures. She’s a generous kid and sometimes would come back with something for us.

These are some of her gifts.

Love Cat, given to us just because:

This is a crappy picture, but it’s a girl bear talking on her cell phone. The caption reads “Girl on the Go!” and #4 gave it to CC for his birthday:

An excellent thing about these pictures is that you can check out my mad housekeeping skills.

This next one isn’t from the dollar store, but all these live on the dresser together. One of my favorite things ever: a Father’s Day gift that she made in Art. She was the only one in her class that needed two pots:

She is the little one in the first pot with CC and I, and says that the one with the split head in the other pot is #1.

I love this one because we share neither his ethnicity nor his level of devotion. Sometimes he’s inspiring. Other times he’s judging me:

This is another “just because” gift:

Seriously. Just Because.

We finally got to buy a house and when we moved, the dollar store was no longer an easy walk for the kids. I drove past the other day and noticed they’d gone out of business. I feel somewhat responsible.