Words To Live By

image: wildsoundmovies.com

#5 came home from school last week holding an ice pack to his eye.

I asked him what happened and he told me about some game they were playing where the boys were zombies and the girls were trying to keep them away, and he got kicked in the eye because zombies couldn’t go up on the blacktop. Apparently, zombies only crawl on the ground in this game.

He wanted to know if he was going to have a black eye. He isn’t incredibly brave and sounded frightened about it. I took a look and couldn’t lie.

“Yes, ” I said. “I think so.”

“Cool!” He said. “Black eyes make you look tough.”

He was bummed when, in fact, it didn’t become a black eye. A few days later he came into our room and said this:

“I have new words to live by. You know how I got kicked in the eye? Well, we were outside because we did good. We worked hard and got extra recess. So now I say, sometimes hard work pays off, and sometimes it comes back and kicks you in the face.”

What words do you live by?