A Bad Day at Basketball…

…is hilarious.

#5 had a basketball game on a Saturday when his Dad and I were both at work. I texted him at intermission to see how it went.

Me: How was basketball?

#5: I was fouled by a violent kid every play but it was never called and i never got the ball because of that then i couldnt play defence on him because he hurt me and grabed his way throughthen i was knocked down by him three times and the third time i hit my head and sat out for 8 minutes and we also lost by like twenty points so it really wasnt that fun until i got to cover someone else for 4 minutes at the end.


Usually when I ask this question– whether in person, on the phone, or via text– I get a “fine” in response.

Me: Man, that sucks, bud. Sorry. At least you know you don’t play  like a jerk like that kid does. How is your head?

#5: Fine.

Me: You’re still handsome.

#5: …..

Me: Unless that kid beat you with an ugly stick.

#5: ……

Me: He didn’t, did he?

#5: No they wood count that as a foul on me because i came in contact with it.



For more adventures with #5 and his amazing powers of observation, here’s a link to my post on Family Circle’s Momster blog, Doing the Dirty Work. It may or may not also have something to do with my mad housekeeping skillz.

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Comment. It gives me a reason not to clean my house.

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