Monster Mashup

What’s this? Could it be Halloween?

But there’s no blizzard!

There’s no hurricane!

There’s nary a nor’easter in the forecast!

What’s more, we have power and all the trees in the neighborhood seem to be firmly rooted in the ground. Sweet!

Guess I better get busy buying candy and slashing up our pumpkins.

With the exception of #5, our kids are too damn old to Trick-or-Treat. This isn’t going to stop them, however. My suggestion is that if they come to your house, make them answer a riddle–or, better yet, a grammar question– before handing over candy.

True Story: When I was 8 years old, I was a bride for Halloween. My mom let me wear her wedding veil. The adult in charge who took us Trick-or-Treating (I’m not naming names. This could be anyone.) was going up to the houses along with us, Trick-or-Drinking. When we were about halfway through the neighborhood and I was complaining about being tired, this adult in charge convinced me that I needed to tell people that I was a tired bride. Feel free to Trick-or-Drink and use our children for your own amusement on your rounds tonight. You’re welcome.

You know what’s scary? When you think your kid is faking a cough and it turns out she really has pneumonia. That’s in my post over on Family Fusion Community.

You know what else is scary? Doritos and Raisinettes in your mouth at the same time. Go Jules Go asked me to participate in the evaluation of this flavor combination that won her contest. There may or may not be a shot of Jack’s ass in the video.

You know what else is scary awesome? These engagement pictures that were ruined by the appearance of serial killer Jason Voorhees. ch-ch-ch ah-ah-ah! Thanks, Jolie at aamora for the link!

Here’s a link to some awesome pumpkins:

The bio of (in my opinion) America’s Creepiest Serial Killer: Ed Gein.

And, finally, Marilyn Manson’s version of This is Halloween from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

There’s still some time to enter a caption in the contest.

Happy Halloween!



7 thoughts on “Monster Mashup

  1. People keep asking if I’m taking my 1-year-old trick or treating. That seems awfully transparent to me: “Hey, look, she’s a strawberry. She says trick or treat. She says she doesn’t like Snickers she likes Almond Joy. She wants to know if she can have 2. She wants to know if she can use your bathroom.”

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