Tea in My Trousers

My Christmas gift from #2, Mr. Tea.



Don’t mind if I do.


Yes he is.




I pity the fool.





20 thoughts on “Tea in My Trousers

  1. Ha! “Fred” products are amaaaaazeballs. I just bought these Fred ‘Here Borrow My Pen’ pens, and I’m thinking of doing a giveaway with them. It’s basically about 10 pens from fake hilarious places, like Harry’s House of Taxidermy, and the tag lines and phone numbers on each one are ACTUALLY funny.

  2. Wait a minute!! Why on earth did I not see this post? I always see your posts. What the hell?

    Ok, sorry, had to vent there for a minute.

    That looks like a pants steepingly good time. If only I drank tea, I would be all over this.

    1. That would be the best. Did I ever tell you there’s a van in my neighborhood that someone painted to look exactly like the A-Team van? I should post that shizz.

  3. Whenever I see something like Mr. Tea, I find myself wondering what I would have done with that idea. I’m sure I wouldn’t have done anything. It’s good that there are people who actually follow through with crazy stuff.

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