What’s that Sound?

I was in our bedroom writing. The kids were all downstairs and CC was at work. Casey was sacked out on the bed behind me.

And there was this sound. . .

One of those sounds that’s just on the edge of your consciousness. You don’t really notice it at first, but it keeps repeating. It repeats enough and you suddenly realize you can’t identify it, and that’s a problem.

Because unidentified sounds at home fall into one of two categories: Things That Will Kill You – think: burglars, bears, or bombs – and Things That Will Cost You Money like, say, maybe a tree falling on the house. Or a toilet overflowing for so long before someone mentions it that it floods the garage. Not that I would know anything about either of these.

This sound was a little knock-knock, a little tap-tap, with a bonus suction sound.

“What the hell is that?”

I said this out loud. I talk to myself out loud a lot. I am not bothered by this. It’s only a problem when another person is in the room and they go, “What?” and I get all indignant and say, “I wasn’t talking to you!” because they just interrupted me when I was talking to me.

I walked out of the room to investigate.

In one of many moments as a pet owner in which I have regretted not having a camera on my person, I found that a single dish had been left on the table when the kids cleaned up after dinner: the top to the tupperware cake keeper.


The cake keeper in our house serves only one purpose: to keep people from eating the cake between the time it is made and the time it is served. We never have “leftover” cake. Thus there was no need to replace the cake keeper top on the cake, since there was no more cake. Like many other things in my house, because it was unable to fulfill one of their immediate needs, it became invisible to the kids.

But not to Jack.


The knock-knock, tap-tap, suction sound was the sound of Jack having wedged himself entirely inside the lid as he licked out the little bits of icing stuck to it. He was moving himself all over the table as he shifted side to side, licking the edges. Kinda like one of those balance boards at the gym. Except with icing. And sides.

It reminded me of a similar experience when the one dish that had been left on the table was a measuring cup half full of gravy. I came out to find Jack, head jammed down in that cup, drinking for all he was worth before someone discovered him, gravy all over his ears.


Do you think there’s a market for cake-keeper-as-small-dog-hamster-wheel?

What’s your dog gotten into lately?





9 thoughts on “What’s that Sound?

  1. My dog chews up papers in my husband’s office and distributes them all over the office floor. She does this when he travels for more than a day to show her displeasure at his absence. When he returns, it’s like someone had a party in his office while he was gone and there is residual confetti strewn about. Fun times.

  2. My dog has a new trick, he will wait by front glass door until there are at least 4 squirrels by the big tree in front, then he whines until Daddy lets him out side door of garage to “attack” he has yet to catch those birdseed eating squirrels, and he wont, he makes too much noise, but he keeps daddy going up and down the stairs to let him out, Daddy complained even though he started the game, that he had to let Hogan out X number of times that day, this is the retelling I get DAILY of the activities of Daddy & Hogan, and of course son #2 if he is home for the day, and people wonder why I work outside the house now lol

  3. Hahaha hilarious visual. I don’t have a dog, but my cat once got her entire face stuck in a yogurt cup. She kept trying to back out of it. It’s totally not cruel at all to just watch that happen for a while.

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