We got Jack and Casey as puppies when they were seven weeks old.

They spent a lot of time in the kitchen because it was the only room we could completely make safe and secure. Plus it had a tile floor for easy cleanup, if you know what I mean. We gradually enlarged their inside world by blocking off larger sections of the house for them to explore while we were with them.

One night I was home with the kids and we had movie night. I made popcorn and milkshakes. I don’t remember what we were watching. The puppies were sniffing around the living room. At that time, they still fit under most of the furniture so there was a lot for them to check out. We had a green trunk that we used as a coffee table. Some of us set our milkshakes upon it.

The thing about puppies, unlike kittens, is that they’re not normally quiet. Stealth is a quality dogs generally lack. I rely on my hearing more than anything to make sure my dogs aren’t getting into something they’re not supposed to. It’s not rocket science; even small dogs lumber.

But this night? My puppies were ninjas.

I got up to go back into the kitchen and turned around. There, on the trunk directly behind me, was a heavy glass that had formerly contained a milkshake, lying on its side. The contents spilled across the trunk and two puppies were silently slurping up the dregs. Chocolate, of course.

This was the first of many times to come where we were hipped to the teamwork that is possible between a couple of puggles that bonded in the womb.

The only two in the litter. Can you tell?

In my mind, I picture Casey getting Jack to crouch down while she tipped the glass over onto him so that it didn’t crash. Then licking up any milkshake that spilled on his back. It sounds like something she’d do.

I can only imagine what it must be like to have twin humans.


7 thoughts on “Milkshakes

  1. Too cute! I remember one time when my huge dog tiptoed – okay, she walked very slowly and quietly – across the floor to get to some food that didn’t belong to her. I was on the phone and I think she thought I wouldn’t hear her. Dogs are clever.

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