All Boy.

Sometimes he’s funny, when eating a piece of bacon he says:

Well, I guess Charlotte couldn’t save Wilbur this time.

Sometimes he’s oblivious, causing his sister to remark while they’re folding laundry:

Those are YOURS. None of US have race car panties!

Sometimes he asks me questions I don’t want to answer truthfully:

The good guys always win, right? How come the good guys always win?

Sometimes he has no idea the truth he speaks:

You know what would stink? Being sick on your birthday for like ten years. Because then all your presents would be medicine.

Always, he’s all boy:

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14 thoughts on “All Boy.

  1. #5 rocks! Boy truths can be harsh. My older and younger sister don’t particularly get along. It has something to do with a vanishing family inheritance the older sister “managed” for all the siblings. The two sisters more or less stopped communicating after that, but are respectfully polite when important events … funerals, weddings, stuff like that …. throw family together. When my nephew was about four he marched up to my older sister (in mixed company) and loudly proclaimed, “My mother says you’re a lair!” Ya gotta love little boy truths! 😉

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