Coming Back to Life

A couple things always surprise me about going through production to open a show. I don’t know why I’m surprised; I should totally be used to it by now, but I’m not.

Maybe I’m like the goldfish. They say goldfish have no memory, so every trip around the bowl is a new experience. Swim swim swim. . . Hey, look! A plastic cave! Swim swim swim. . . Hey, look! A plastic cave!

Or like the addict: This time, it’ll be different.

One of the things that surprises me is how each time I do production, it’s harder. This is because each time I do it, I’m older (I hit 40 this month, post to come!). My brain thinks that with age comes experience and so each production period should be easier than the last. My body, however, says, Sweetheart, you ain’t twenty-eight anymore.

When the sleep deprivation is hitting me and I struggle lifting coils of cable, it strikes me how viciously difficult it must be for women that have their kids later in life.

The other thing that surprises me is how long it takes me to come back to life when production is over. In my head, the day after opening night I have my house clean and I’m making home-cooked meals after I run five miles and go to yoga. My body, however, is fully invested in making endless pots of tea, reading magazines, and eating Girl Scout cookies.

Which is bliss.

All the flowering things are blooming in my neighborhood. It’s really beautiful. The last time I was here during daylight, it was winter. To me, it’s as if they just popped up in full bloom overnight.

And around my house, I struggle to understand anything that’s happening:

#4, wearing one shoe: I lost my shoe.

Me: I see. That’s problematic.

#4, to #5: Can you come help me find my shoe?

#5: You lost your shoe?

#4, shaking her foot: Duh.

#5: What’s wrong with you?

#4: Just come help me look.

They walk out of the kitchen. About thirty seconds later #5 walks back in.

#5: Sometimes she makes no sense.

Me: Oh?

#5: Yeah. She just told me to come look for her shoe and we went to her door but then she wouldn’t let me in her room.

Me: Hmm.

#5: That’s like sending a cow to an orphanage.


One of my favorite bloggers came to my opening night show last week and wrote about it. Check her out: GoJulesGo at GoGuiltyPleasures- How I Almost Walked The Red Carpet Last Week.


23 thoughts on “Coming Back to Life

  1. love the one of the flower with the house and flag behind. flag adds good color. that would look amazingly more great if the sun were behind the flag, lighting it from behind.

    1. Thanks! That would look very cool. I have to say I have no idea if the sun ever goes there. There’s a house directly behind our house and the property is steeply raked. I’ll have to keep my eye out. I’m finding extra sun because of all the trees and branches that came down in the hurricane and blizzard.

      1. i have a picture somewhere of a house with an american flag on the porch, and it’s surrounded by trees, and wonderfully backlit. so it reminded me of that. i’ll have to post that pic on my blog.

  2. You are not 40. No way!!! Damn. Be prepared to be hated by other 40-year-olds. Happy birthday!! And congrats again on the show!

    The flowers really are gorgeous. I just cut a bunch of daffodils for the living room table – they’re everywhere!

    #5 is so amazing. I feel like he would get me.

    Lastly- thanks for the shout-out, but more importantly, inspiring the post!!!

  3. Loved seeing your beautiful daffodils and nice to know that you are back at home to enjoy them … AND your #1 – 5 !! I think it’s essential that you have time to drink tea and just decompress; all your running and yoga can take a back seat to cookies for a little bit! I really loved reading Jules’ experience at your opening and had NO idea you were working on JCS! The last time I saw that play it was opening in London and it blew my MIND .. plus, the soundtrack is so amazing .. you are SUCH a rockstar!! A few words bout being 40 (besides being jealous you’re such a youngster!) — Honey, I’m 58 and traveling all around the world definitely makes me understand that I am not 28 anymore. Just having to unpack and do laundry once a month when I get home sometimes seems like climbing Everest… cannot believe that one week from getting home tomorrow from Peru I’ll be leaving for China/Tibet/Nepal. Why do the most compelling journeys take so much out of you??
    Love your post and so happy I get to travel along life’s roads with you …

    1. I don’t know why the most compelling journeys take so much out of you- but it’s infinitely better than watching TV, isn’t it? I can’t wait to get caught up on your adventures. The music for JCS is why I took this show, and the band is on fire. Um, by the way, it seems like someone should help you with that laundry. I wouldn’t judge you.

  4. Congratulations on finishing production! I’m gad you’re getting to enjoy spring now.

    Either the children in your life lead really interesting lives, or you have the knack to make them read so. Either way, as a reader, I’m not complaining :-).

    1. My kids are funny and weird, all by themselves, which is always entertaining. I just try to remember what they say. We got a little bit of a cold snap the past couple days here, but no frost. I may even get to plant something this week!

  5. Daffodils are smile-starters. Love those little things. Welcome back to life as the rest of us know it… I’m sure you’re exhausted, but I bet you’ve got bitchin’ arms!

  6. It *is* hard having your kids late. Did it. Don’t regret it. Bed by 8.30pm most nights. Lots of coffee…

  7. I love this so much “The last time I was here during daylight, it was winter. To me, it’s as if they just popped up in full bloom overnight.”

    Welcome back.

    “The buzz” is good. Congrats.

  8. We had a sub carpenter in the theatre you are in whose nickname was “Goldfish”. “oh, look, a castle. Oh, look, a castle”

  9. I was exchanging texts with Jules that evening, unable to decide whether I was more jealous of her or you for meeting the other! Fortunately, my hotel had excellent pomegranate margaritas that left me not pondering the question too, too long. 😉

  10. I know that Girl Scout cookie feeling. I think I feel like that every day. Congratulations on a job well done and as for age – talk to me when you catch up to me, young lady – YOU have 17 years to go!

    1. But how far ahead of me are you in Girl Scout cookies? I just polished off the last of the shortbread ones. Sadly, it was the last box. Now comes the part where I fruitlessly search the stores for poor, over-the-counter substitutions.

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