Why I Married Him, part two

The cemetery where we walk our pups has a lot of really fantastic trees. Right in front is a live oak that has suffered storm damage. The groundskeepers and the tree people worked together extensively in past seasons to try to save it and it appeared their efforts were paying off.

Then we got our freak snow storm.

Poor tree.

You can tell from this picture the reason we’re losing so many trees: none of the leaves have fallen yet; most haven’t even turned. We haven’t had to rake. Eight-plus inches of wet snow on top of that is bringing those suckers down.

I don’t have a “before” picture, but take my word that before Saturday night, the tree did not normally lay upon the gravestones.

I was taking these pictures and a guy passed walking his dog. He remarked on how dangerous the tree was, that at the moment of it splitting and falling it could have hurt someone.

We’re pretty aware of how dangerous falling trees are, considering how close #1 came to being hit on our front porch, considering that our neighbor was hit by one in his driveway.

I was snapping away, trying to figure how to reply to such an obvious comment without being a total dick to someone who surely must qualify as my neighbor. I needn’t have worried. My husband always has my back in situations like these.

Man: I mean, this is just so dangerous. It could have hit someone. Really, it could have killed someone!

CC: Luckily, they’re all already dead.


18 thoughts on “Why I Married Him, part two

  1. Great response. A fine example of “two heads are better than one”. It’s sad to see great trees coming down before their time – trees add so much to a neighborhhood, as much as houses and people. Oh, and cars. And dogs.

    1. Ha! If you could see the neighborhood, it would make more sense. It’s a great cemetery. It’s like a park for dead people. I swear, we’re not the only ones who walk our dogs there.

  2. Okay, the freaky thing is that a whole oak fell a couple of weeks before on the cemetery because of strong winds.I saved a twig from it because it just looked so sad – that giant healthy oak that supposedly had so many years ahead of it fell prematurely, as I am sure a lot of cemetery current occupants.It was there for a couple of weeks with its roots exposed, sad,sad view.

  3. That’s the perfect answer. 🙂
    Also…beautiful trees. Sucky to lose them to such a silly thing like snow.

  4. It’s hard to find non-sarcastic answers to people who make comments like that. What did he want to do, cut down all the trees in New Jersey? My house is surrounded by trees that, yes, could kill me if they fall on me. But I’m not going to cut them all down “just in case”.

Comment. It gives me a reason not to clean my house.

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