Go Guilty Pleasures!

Julie over at Go Guilty Pleasures is running a contest and this is my video entry for it. I love her blog- it’s very informative and thought provoking packed full o’ chipmunks. What’s better than that?

Here are her contest rules:

1 – Tell everyone who you are, why we should care, and what your silliest guilty pleasure is.

2 – Incorporate my favorite word: heinous.

3 – Oh yeah, you only have 30 seconds.  (Because every game is funnier when the clock is ticking.)

In the comments section she said we could use our favorite word instead of hers. My favorite word (today) is inappropriate.

I enlisted the help of #5 to make the video and then we watched it.

#5: I don’t sound like that!

Me: Yes you do.

#5: How come the computer did that? It got my voice all wrong.

Me: You sound great!

#5: It’s all weird!

Me: Dude. At least you’re in tune.

#5: What do you mean?

Me: Didn’t you hear my voice crack at the end? I’m like, in a whole other key.

#5: I don’t like it.

Me: I promise you, I look like way more of an idiot than you do. You look cute. I look pathetic.

#5: Really?

Me: Really. You’re good. You’re a nine-year-old boy. Therefore, everything you do is awesome. I’m a thirty-nine-year old woman. Therefore, most of what I do is just sad.

#5: {looks skeptical}

Me: Can I use it to enter the contest?

#5: What’s the prize?

Me: I dunno. Something awesome. Maybe a chipmunk.

#5: Okay then. You can use it.

The fact that I am willing to post this video on the internet should tell you how bad I love this particular guilty pleasure.

Is he awesome or what? Are we going to beat Renée’s entry?

The song is My Chemical Romance’s Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)


17 thoughts on “Go Guilty Pleasures!

  1. Oh! I love everything about this!!!! You, #5, a puggle AND inappropriate-for-children music?! I mean, really. The only thing you’re missing is chipmunks! (Side note: I plan on doing a post on chipmunks and their place in Sarah Palin’s Alaska, so I think you can soon un-scratch off “thought-provoking” above. ;)) You and #5 rule!

    I wonder how Renée is feeling right now…

    1. Peanut butter cups and Golden Girls are pretty fantastic. If she’s judging in terms of what the chipmunks would find appealing, I have no chance of winning against you.

  2. Excellent headbanging music. I headbanged a little. #5 is still awesome, came in confidently at exactly the right time and everything. And I’m glad you didn’t tell him the prize would be bacon just to motivate him because that might have backfired. And I totally love that the puggle was all, “Wha..? What the…? Wait, something itches. Okay, back to the first thing. What is going on here?”

  3. Ba.D. just watched and loved that with me. “That’s totally awesome!” were his exact words, and he’s wandered away reiterating that sentiment in different words. 😉

    How is my video supposed to stand up to this!? Geez!


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